Poetry - November 2007

Last In The Tin

They're the last in the tin cos they're bad
They are always the last ones to be had
You know it tastes nothing like it should do
It doesn't taste of coffee, it tastes of poo
You only have nightmares and no dreams
When you see the tin has coffee creams
And when you buy your Revels bag
You know the coffee ones smell like a hag
The taste is foul and you don't want to know
You eat the rest and leave those to throw
And any time you see a certain coloured wrapper
In a tin you know it's not those you're after!

(Coffee flavoured chocolate - just a bad idea. Especially the Revels!)

The Ballad Of Georgios Samaras

We signed you from Heerenveen
Where your finishing was supposed to be mean
You scored early in your City career
But that's the best it got, I fear
The crowd chanted Feed The Greek and he will score
But that's one thing you didn't do and score some more
You look like a young Mercury
Who went by the first name of Freddie
And with your hair getting in the way
It certainly affected your play
Once the goals dried up it was a matter of time
Before Pearce would be sacked - it was a crime
I blame you for that happening
Especially as you cost over six million
And the return of goals is poor
You don't deserve the same chant as the Goater
And so in January we're hoping that you leave
Back to Holland where the defence is too easy
So you score another twenty goals and then
Another club buys you and is taken in..

(Inspired by Pete Green's song "The Ballad Of Phil Jevons" I thought I'd do one about a Man City player who really shouldn't be at the club - he's not very good. Six million plus we paid too.. ouch!)

Better To Be Kind Than To Be Right

Another argument ensues
And you don't want to go into the territory
Because you know that rowing isn't the way
Forward with being open and saying sorry
Sometimes it's better to be kind
Because it's empathy for the plight
And isn't it better to be kind
Than to argue who's right?
Your friend is having a hard time
Their partner is treating them so mad
And even though you want to tell them
That them going back each time makes you mad
You know that they need an empathetic ear
And that you'll be there day and night
And therefore it is better to be kind
Than eventually to be proven right.

(Someone recently told me it was better to be kind than to be right. A truer word hasn't been spoken for some time!)


It doesn't mean yes
It doesn't mean maybe
It doesn't mean possibly
I'm not going to change my mind
Please do not persist
I really am getting fed up
Please understand my reasoning
I don't want to do what you want
I want to do how I feel
And you're not going to change that
I'm sick of people insisting yes
When sometimes I don't want to
I just want to be left alone
Don't you dare keep pressing
Or I'll do something else.

(Why can't people accept the two letter word for what it is? I thought about this particularly when people get over insistent and don't respect your point of view. Those that do are friends of mine.)

Haiku For Kissing

Soft, gentle, warm, love
Feels like the best thing ever
Affection is yours.

(Simple things need a beautiful explanation at times. And isn't a kiss just that?...)