Poetry - November 2006

Staring At The Sea

As I sit here in Portobello miles away from anyone
I just look out to the calm autumnal sea
All I see is the wam watery peace
That seems to be just the thing I want to be
I feel inside an air of contentment
As the sea breeze gently flows against my hair
The real me is coming back to me each day
And I know that I like what I see there
I know deep down this is just what I needed
A clean break from the madness of my own life
I feel refreshed and invigorated by the stillness
That leads me to be calm not full of strife
And when I do feel the need to be deeply in love
I'll have to decide to come back all the way here
So that I know whether or not the love is true
And that I really and truly have nothing to fear
Because we all need our special places to be
And I think I've just found one of my own
Where the absolute remoteness yet closness
Means I'm not at all lonely, just alone
But that isn't no bad thing for me either
Because I know that I can truly be at one
And that no matter what happens to me now
I'll always have myself to rely on.

(I think this sums up how I felt just being away from everything in Edinburgh, it did me the world of good I can tell you.)

The Quixotic Pyx Of A Zygote

I love playing all the obscure words
That I hope that my opponent online won't know
Those wonderful special two letter words
Like qi, ax, jo and zo
And if I can use all seven letters at once
Then I know I'll whack up a great big score
Scoriae was my latest all tile conquest
Much to the annoyance of someone to deplore
But then there's the fact you can make more words than one
Just placing the tiles carefully along a row
So in this move there was wet on the board
But then I made we, er, ta and era you know
And if I manage to score a few hundred points
A happy the man I will honestly be
Because I've rediscovered my love for Scrabble
And now I just need that Chambers dictionary!

(Playing Scrabble 2005 online is just great fun - and also keeps the brain ticking over.)

You Know It Is, It Really Is

He comes on stage with his papier mache head
And his cardboard puppets in tow
And you know it is, it really is
Another Frank Sidebottom live show
He brings out Little Frank and calls him cardboard
Then proceeds to play one of his songs in his style
And all the time everyone just giggles away
Because they know the cardboard cutout is his rival
And soon enough he's telling Little Frank to shut up
As another fantastic not bobvins medley plays true
With that keyboard banging out all the chords he needs
And you know it is, it really is, thank you!

(Ah, seeing Frank Sidebottom live again - that was fantastic!!)

The World's On A Two Minute Warning

Another report comes forth from the UN
Becomes depressing reading when you see it
Climate change is so much so that it needs action
Darkened by this our Prime Minister springs to life
Environment issues have to be taken seriously, he says
Failure to deal with this will mean the end of us all
Gas guzzling public just ignore him because of no trust
Hatred for that man's broken promises outweigh his truth
I know that the UK emissions are down, but
Justification for us using more to make up for it is no excuse
Killing the world with carbon dioxide poisoining
Lessons we are all going to learn much too late along the line
Madness and mayhem from the Americans who don't care
Never thinking about anyone in the world but themselves
Oil companies not doing enough to seek alternative sources
Powerful magnates not seeing the bigger picture of the world
Quite how they go to sleep at night and not feel guilty I don't know
Right now they shouldn't sleep at all for what they've done
Soiled our earth with their profits of poison
Terrifying to see how much is made from killing us all
Usually people don't pay attention but it's front page
Very worried faces scan the Metro News in the morning
Wondering just why it's taken so long for this to be big news
X-Rays of the sun show just how hot the world is getting now
You know, now is our time to seize our chance and do something
Zen will be better, and the world might not be on a two minute warning.

(Anyone else think that it's taken such a damning UN report for the environment to be front page news? Just hope we care enough now before it's too late, and we all die.)

The Days Of A Saturday Night Mosh

I used to love Rockworld Saturday night
I could really bang my head to so many tunes and not care
And mosh like a madman even without the hair
As the latest Nine Inch Nails single would blast out loud
Pausing between the crap songs and giving it all for the good
That was the way it was until 2am in the morning
And I for one used to love the energy I felt letting go
And it's just not the same for me now I'm so old!

(Ah, the days...)