Poetry - November 2005

Text Messaging Breeds Illiteracy

You receive a message on your phone
And you know it's difficult to read
The moment you start seeing numbers used as words
Or the letter "u" over used every few lines
It's the curse of the text message
One you see people write so many of
And yet one you worry about so much
Because this form of messaging doesn't stop there
They use it in e-mails and even in writing
Thinking it's some form of trendy language
When instead it hides the real problem
One which I must address right now
Text messaging breeds illiteracy
And not learning proper English
Doing away with puncutation and grammar
Is just not on in this day and age
Employers want to see a well written letter
And not one with "I want 2 work 4 u"
I just want to see people appreciate the language again
And not fall foul of a character limit.

(I always use real English on my phone rather than messaging - I can't be bothered with this texting language rubbish. Thankfully some people at work agree with me on this.)

Discs of The Bull Ring

So I head into New Street station
For a shopping extravaganza and then some
Only to realise the strange building
That greets me by the Bull Ring
What was concrete and horrible years ago
Is now a testament to the modern city
Although those thousands of discs on blue
Now look like they need a bit of a wash
You can't mistake the sight of it as you head in
Or out of the town, it's just so in your face
Nonetheless it's got character
And as such architects orgasm over it.

(Selfridges in Birmingham, in case you wondered. Check it out when you're next there.)

Enter The Dragon, Exit Bruce Lee

I watch my remastered DVD with no bits cut out
And the nunchuka scene completely intact
It makes me wonder how you can die at your prime
When your skills at karate meant more than being able to act
Visiting Han's island and uncovering the secret
Dodging all manner of people that pass you by
And that famous battle against Han himself
Where Han's offended the Temple and his family
Plenty of excellently scripted fighting scenes
And the true meaning of combat being honour
Instead of cowardice and resorting to drastic measures
That certainly mean most people would be a gonner
But alas Bruce died so tragically back then
His son would also die in cirumstances beyond belief
Makes you wonder what would have happened
If their joy and passion didn't turn to a deathly grief.

(The more I watch this film, the more I love it. Just a shame it was the last one filmed with Bruce Lee, really. Remember kids, boards don't hit back!)

Thirsty and Miserable

I want a hot drink
I'm bunged up with the flu
And although I want a hot toddy
This lemon tea will more than do
I feel really down and low
But I know I have to keep going on
Because I can get to the weekend
Chill, relax and have some fun.

(State of mind right now...)

To The Psychologist

Don't try and fool me with pretence
Don't just think you're here for me
I know you're treating me as another case
Do you really care how I feel?
Because deep down I know this much
You're just treating me as another case
One which interests your tiniest of minds
Because I'm your pitiful case study
That has to be supposedly treated by your mind
So that I can understand my own true self
I mean, I know I already can anyway
But you think I am so inferior don't you?
You think I can't really understand
So your own case study can carry on
Well I've has just about enough of you
Treating me as another of your ego-boosting cases!

(A personal view of a psychologist, but one that makes me feel bitter to this day.)