Poetry - November 2004

That Snuggly Feeling

You go to bed
You hold someone close
You feel all snuggly inside
As you snuggle and keep warm
The body heat radiates around you
As you can feel the warmth of love
And as you hold on to each other
Throughout the cold winter night
It's at this time you really know
That she's the one for you
And that this is the moment you live for
The moments that make you both special.

(Awwww. We've all been there, I hope)

I Want To Ride A Bicycle

Not been on a bicycle for some years
But I really want to give it a try today
As I'm here on holiday in the lovely sun
And there's cycle paths everywhere to explore
I go to the shop and hire the bike for the day
It feels right when I start to pedal
And within fifteen minutes I'm leaving St Helier
Heading along the coast towards St Aubin
See how it goes for these first three miles
And soon I've landed at my destination
Taking a well earned breather and some water
But I'm not satisfied with three and a half miles
I know deep down if I push myself
I can go much further than that each way
So I start to head up the next coastal path
And it's steep uphill at first which is scary
But I manage to get up, along the Corbiere Walk
And soon my reward is level ground
I plunge downward at the end to the lighthouse
And admire the view to afar
Now I'm going to cycle back along
It's all downhill for miles
Which means that I can go really fast
With a massive grin and a smile.

(I need to get a bicycle at some point - so enjoyed the bike riding when on my hols!)

Compilation Mania

We all do it and you can't deny it either
We make a compilation for someone
Whether it be for a friend or a loved one
You spend ages deciding on what tracks to put on
What mood you want to convey on there
Do you go for a night time vibe, or day time happy?
It's so complicated to do yet so easy to manage
Somewhere along the line you put a killer track on
Because you know it keeps the listener on edge
Or maybe something obscure that you think deserves better
No matter what you do, you know that they'll enjoy it
And treasure your kindness as well.

(I've lost count of the tape and CD compilations I've made over the years for different people - but that's the way life goes. We all convey a mood in there somewhere.)

When I Grow Up

When I grow up I definitely don't want to be
An annoying presenter like Richard Whiteley
And I don't want to be Carol Vorderman either
She's in your face all the time like someone who will meither
When I grow up I'll never stop liking kids' television
And I'll look back at people with some derision
As if I really should have known better at that time
Rather than listen to yet another of their silly rhymes
When I grow up I want to be a best selling writer
So that my life will wake up feeling much brighter
But at the same time I want happiness with it
Otherwise there's no use for the royalty money pit
When I grow up I'd like to have an executive box
At City's ground of course, even though they play bollocks
But at least I'd be comfortable instead of freezing cold
And I can scream and shout in there till I get old
When I grow up I hope that I don't want to lose
All the things that make me me now, or it'd be no use
For what's the point in trying to be mature
If no one takes you to be all serious and demure?

(Maybe I'm in that in-between age, I don't know. I'm still a big kid sometimes with big ideas, but I can't help it.)


Here I am at three in the morning
My head's in bits as I toss and turn in the bed
I just can't seem to settle down to sleep tonight
Are there too many thoughts wandering in my head?

(We've all done that one.)