Poetry - May 2018

Ten Years Together

In all the years of my life
I've known and felt the feelings of love
And yet I was still feeling unlucky
In that something wasn't quite right
It was a case of resetting myself
Allowing for some time on my own
And then being ready to meet new people
Seeing what would happen in the meantime
So on one fateful evening in May
I was all set for a first date
And yet I felt a sense of excitement inside
As I wanted to see how this went
It felt different even when chatting
A day or two before we met
A sense of ease to get on with
A sense of belonging and being ourselves
So when the evening went so well
It wasn't just sparks, or even fireworks
It was the whole firework display
A feeling I've never had before inside
Over the time we've spent together
There's always been a sense of contentment
Life is too short, and we treasure what we have
Sharing such wonderful moments
I can think of so many that we've had
That really stand out as such lovely memories
But the closness of her embrace
And the warmth that she exudes
Is such a quality that makes me feel whole
It's a human, emotional feeling
And one that really shows that strength of love
One that I've never felt so much before
So when I realise that it's ten years together
All I can think of is how quick it's gone
The moments that make us just us
But the love and kindness we share too
I know that in my lifetime this is what I wanted
Someone I am proud to be with
And who is equally proud to be with me
The best ten years I've ever had.

(I seriously can't believe I've been with The Love In My Heart ten years together at the end of this month. I can honestly say that they have been the best years of my life, and the happiest I've ever had. Thank you so much my love.)

Fail Plan 2020

It's the new timetable
Lots of promises were given to us
More trains, they said
Exciting new destinations, they said
And more capacity, they also said
However, those in the know
And those who've suffered at the hands
Of certain railway companies
Know that was all a complete myth
The first day was a Sunday
And yet plenty of trains we cancelled
Citing the mysterious "Operational incident"
Which is actually a lack of drivers
So therein lies the problem
You didn't have enough drivers in the first place
When you were running less trains
And with new routes they need training
So how was that ever going to work?
It's even worse up in the North
As the new Northern timetable hit meltdown
Far too many services were cancelled
Or were short formed beyond belief
This is the twenty first century
And yet Rail Plan 2020 seems to be a total fail.

(If you have to change the new timetable on the first day because you can't fulfil it, you know you've made a complete balls up of your planning. It's as simple as that.)


Everyone seems to be running
All the time and all at the same time
Running down the hill to the platform
To dive on to the train as the doors beep
They all run back up the hill
So they can exit the station first
And then running across the road
To head to the bus stop to get home
I can't understand all of that myself
I want to run when I want to
And preferably as a long distance run
To keep myself fit and healthy
I don't get this mentality
Of running for a train so often
When another one comes shortly
And is probably way less packed!

(It still makes me laugh how often people just want to run down the platforms to trains and then later on to buses. Like, chill out, people!)

100 Points

It's been a majestic season for City
Where all sorts of records have been broken
So many consecutive wins on the bounce
Only two defeats for us all season
A record number of away wins too
And the number of points totally smashed
I didn't think we'd get to around ninety
But I could also see that hundred in sight
The very last day of the season dawned
A win would get us that magic number
The time ticked away, scores level
And one moment of genius at the death
The pass from Kevin de Bruyne
All the way onwards to Gabriel Jesús
He lofts it over the keeper
I celebrate hearing it in the car
The whole team are out embracing each other
It's a magical moment of football history
One I don't think we'll repeat again
But one that I will cherish forever.

(Having been through the hard times with Man City, the good times are just so much more enjoyable!)

Happiness Haiku

I am so happy
I have my love with me now
Always makes me smile.

(Awwww. I know!)