Poetry - May 2017

I Am Mancunian

I am Mancunian and proud
I play the music from this city out loud
I do things differently here
With the music inspiring the love I hold dear
A city with a mixture of all kinds of everyone
That all come together as a city of one
I feel the Gothic architecture around me
As I walk through my wonderful city
There's a warmth of feeling that you get
And it's the same with everyone from the city I've met
A sense of belonging, a sense of pride
A sense that we are all Mancunian inside
Your football allegiance may be red or blue
But the passion you show will always be true
We bounce back from the dark days
With strength and togetherness always
We did the same with the IRA bomb
I saw this wonderful city come together as one
Rebuilding the city into a modern day place
Where the friendliness remains with class and grace
I know that the city is always in my heart
Even if I may live a bit further apart
The feeling inside that remains inside of me
Is that I am Mancunian, and Manchester made me.

(I am Mancunian. And proud of the city. And always will be.)

You Can't Break Us

You may attempt to hurt us
You may attempt to bomb us
But no matter what you throw at us
You should know one thing: you can't break us
The strength that we have is all there to see
Everyone living in Mancunian harmony
It doesn't matter of the colour of your skin
Your sexuality preference doesn't put you in sin
No matter who you are in this city
You're part of the place and you don't commit atrocity
The actions of a small few disgust us
But bear this in mind: you can't break us
Our togetherness makes us stronger
With a bond of feeling that lasts even longer
Where love of all kinds conquers hate for others
We're strong and together: you can't break us.

(The strength of the Mancunian people is there for everyone to see - a powerful strength that I saw first hand following 1996 and see again now. We are stronger than any terrorist and together.)

Let There Be Love

In a world of so much difference
We should all agree on one thing
Love should always conquer all
And be the glue that holds us together
You may have a partner you hold dear
That you love to hug whenever you can
It may be your family who you adore
And a special elderly relation who makes your day
It could be any of your friends
Who is always there for you
Or someone that you've met for the first time
And it ends up being the first of many
There's so much strength of feeling
When there's so much love in the air
So remember to hold close those you hold dear
And show that love however you feel.

(There's not enough love and platonic feelings shared these days - let's change that shall we?)

Magical Monaco

Every year at the end of May
I wish I was in Monaco
Watching the Formula 1 Grand Prix
And seeing the drivers clip the armco
When I went five years ago
It was truly a magical feeling
Seeing the drivers at Mirabeau
And the barriers they kept squeezing
Ekeing out the last hundredth of a second
As they wanted to get pole position
With the weather all being lovely and warm
Having cold beer was an easy decision
I enjoyed the race on the Sunday too
Even having a late shower of rain
Making it a real test for the drivers
As they wanted to try and win again
It was an epic occasion all round
Shared with The Love In My Heart
And I want to go back and take in the sun
And the feeling of racing so close apart.

(I love Monaco - so want to be there now..)

Manchester Bee Haiku

The bee, the worker
Always part of Manchester
And always will, bee.

(It's a symbol of the city and rightfully so..)