Poetry - May 2016

Pricing Out The Fans

The second of May had arrived
The tickets went on sale
But when I looked to get some
I discovered an epic fail
It seemed the first four rows
Were all deemed premium seats
Meaning they were twice as dear
To be close to the action - not neat
And yet being sat in the fifth row
And still having a good view
Meant a normal pricing structure
And I thought "that will do"
However it made me think
Why should us fans be priced out
Who kept the game going
When it was struggling without
The big name sponsors
Or the exposure on the telly
So pay twice the price?
Not on your nelly.

(Unless I get cheap tickets, I won't be going to the World Snooker Championship next April. The twofold increase in the first for rows is deliberately to price out the season ticket holders, without whom there may be no snooker to watch in the first place. I don't go to every session but like to see the action close hand (I did this year) - so the decision is pretty shocking all round.)

Scraping Through

Last day of the season
The stars had aligned nicely
So we just needed a draw
As we headed to Swansea
The game was painful to watch
It felt it was in slow motion
And unlike other last games
I didn't feel as much emotion
It was a case of scraping through
And getting that fourth place
Which means we have to have a play off
In the Champions League qualifying race
Still it's better than nothing
And after the season we've had
Where we got to the semis
And didn't overall do so bad
It's all change next season with Pep
Let's see if he can win the league so
It means that no smug United fans
Especially with the non-special one Mourinho.

(It was just a relief to get that final point. We had sort of shot ourselves in the foot in the league all season..)

Running Away

I always felt so emotional
And didn't understand the world
And no one understood me
So I got so frustrated at times
I wanted to feel something
I didn't know how to feel myself
I must have been impossible
I don't know how my parents managed
All I could think about
Was to run away from everyone
So I could be alone with my thoughts
I would just remember the way we went
And follow the tracks of my father's car
As he took us to far away places
I ended up running so far away
That I came towards a railway bridge
And didn't want to go underneath
I felt like I had gone far enough
I could have turned around and ran
Thankfully I was found safely
And was able to have a reunion
But I just wanted to be away again
I just didn't understand myself
My loneliness inside didn't allow it.

(I was a nightmare as a child - I'd end up going to run away from things and then go missing for ages - and then put the parents through a worrying time. I can't apologise enough, looking back.)

All And Ale

Heading to North Yorkshire
And a relaxing time in Masham
Where the ale flows freely
All made by a Theakston
Whether it be the Black Sheep
Or the Theakstons brewery
The tours are always good
And the ale is a delight to see
I had plenty this time around
Including a new favourite Barista Stout
It made me so happy inside
With the beautiful sunshine out
Why would I be anywhere else
With the love in my heart with me
And me relaxed with my ale
It all feels so wonderfully happy.

(The little things mean a lot - thank you so much to The Love In My Heart for taking me to the Theakstons Brewry Tour and indulging me with real ale - oooh yes.)

Octavarium Haiku

We move in circles
Twenty four minutes of rock
It's truly epic.

(I urge you to buy Dream Theater's album "Octavarium" and play the title track a fair number of times. Epic.)