Poetry - May 2015

Forty Three

My age this year is a prime number
It can't divide into anything except itself
I feel the years going by me quickly
Without being left on the shelf
The last few years seem all a blur
One day going quickly into another
Before I know it the clock has ticked
And my birthday comes round like no other
Yet I don't feel the age that I am
There's something youthful about me
It says that I need to not think about numbers
But to grow old disgracefully
To do the things I still did years ago
And to be enjoying my life fully
That I won't feel so old after all
And definitely not forty three.

(It's getting to the time where age is another number really, but I don't care...)

Saying No

It's difficult to say those two letters together sometimes
But you have to make difficult decisions
Where you can't always answer positive
And have to think about your own life
I faced a difficult scenario as of late
Which may have made some massive changes
But I wasn't guaranteed what might happen later on
And I had to carefully evaluate the risks
When I did all that it was too much to think about
And I realised that it wasn't making me happy
If I'm not happy I also don't perform as well
So it was with a heavy heart but sound mind
That I had to say no and politely decline
But it turned out to be the right decision
I didn't feel the heaviness on my heart any more
I could then get on with my life once again.

(Sometimes you have to carefully make difficult decisions in life. I made one which involved saying no. Despite there being also some positives, there were too many negatives floating around in my head.)


The mind is drained
It doesn't want to know
Any more information
Just feels like overload
I need to rest now
But I have no time to
More information needed
So I can carry on to
Deliver what I need to do
Without fear or pity
But what can I do
When my mind just feels bitty
Where the pace moves fast
And I can't slow down
I'd just want to stop
And not wear a frown
Can this wait another day
Where I feel less drained
And not need to be instant
With answers from my brain.

(We all have these sort of moments I think where you just would like to stop and pause without having to take in so much information at once.)

The Power of the Vote

I'll go to the polling station
The box will have a cross
Casting my vote
And avoiding the dross
Because I believe in the power
That my elders fought for
So I can live in democracy
Where freedom is law
And where we have a choice
An important one to make
Where the lines are drawn
With the endless debate
But the time has come
To use your voice
And make sure that
You employ your choice
Question the answers
Make them answer
Get rid of the racists
Kill their cancer
However you may feel
Make sure you use the cross
So that when the results are in
You won't feel so mad and cross.

(No vote - no voice. So use it.)

Epic Frame Haiku

Bingham v Murphy
Sixty four minutes of play
Packed with some tension.

(An epic frame, and one which led Stuart Bingham to kick on and win the 2015 World Snooker Championship.)