Poetry - May 2013

First Class Friday

A little treat, I'll indulge myself
As I head to London on the train
It's a mere two hours to get there
But today I'm in first class again
Sitting in the lounge above the station
Seeing the people head to work
But not for me as I have the day off
And that's reward for my hard work
We board the train and have a comfy seat
With lots of coffee, juice and cereal
And our orders taken for breakast
An English fry up that is very full
Black pudding, bacon, sausage, egg
And all the rest to go with that
It really does feel a little lap of luxury
Especially when you're waited on and all that
So it's nice to treat myself occasionally
Just to really feel special today
And with a start like that in hand
Then it'll be a very happy birthday.

(Well if you can't treat yourself on your birthday when can you I wonder?)

Your Call Is Important To Us

Every time you ring a call centre
Inevitably you cannot get through
So instead of playing some crummy music
What does the holding actually do?
You get the six words which you dread
Because it feels so patronising to you
Your call is important to us, they say
But if it was, wouldn't answering the phone do?
Getting more staff to actually respond
So you're not spending hours waiting
For a conversation with someone you don't understand
Where reading from a script proves grating
I really do think that I'd rather be able
To get through to a real person more often
And not hear "your call is important to us"
Which should be ended and forgotten.

(One pet hate about call centres is that phrase. Sorry, if your call was so important to them, they'd actually answer it wouldn't they? And promptly as well.)

The Look of Love

I gaze longingly
Into your eyes
All I can see
Is the look you have
A loving gaze
Which comes back
To me as a smile
And contentment
Loving happiness
Is the way you love
And the way I want
To be loved back
With a soft smile
And a relaxed pose
With a close hold
And warm hands
That hold me tight
And close to you
It tells me all
That I need to know
That you love me so
Just like I love you
With our hearts together
And our love cherished.

(There are times when moments together are special - my kind of take on it.)


I wish I could do so much
But I can't always do what I can
It's frustrating for me
Because I just want to achieve
And yet I get held back
For one reason or another
And all I want to do
Is to give my all and work hard
No sucking up, no creeping
Just determined hard work
I just want to progress in life
But do it in a professional way
And not get a job because my face fits
But to be the best person for it
It is a source of frustration
When all I can do is watch
And see that there's a career
Which I can't seem to go next level
I yearn to be given the chance
And yet I can't convince everyone
What do I need to do I wonder
So people see the potential
I'll have to rethink my strategy
And eliminate my frustration.

(Kind of how I feel now.)

Mancini Haiku

He won us the league
And came from Italy, to
Manage Man City.

(Felt a bit sorry for Roberto Mancini really. Any Manchester City fan would have given several body parts to win one trophy, never mind the FA Cup, Premier League and Community Shield. Hey ho.)