Poetry - May 2012


My energy just appears to have gone
And I don't know where it has
I just feel this sense of tiredness
But yet I can't sleep either
It's almost like my body is saying
That it wants to hit the pillow
But yet when I do I just stare and think
And just can't seem to settle somehow
It's difficult to imagine such a state
Unless you're in that moment
And all I feel is tired and yet overbearing
In that I just can't seem to rest
I feel agitated like I need one final exercise
Just to get me to the moment of sleep.

(There are times when sleep becomes difficult as it has done recently)

Late Night Rail Replacement Bus

I wanted to catch the last train back home
And had arrived waiting for the service to connect
But instead I saw the departure boards
And I feel a bit more circumspect
Instead of the train that I was going to take
Which would have got me home so soon
It's instead the rail replacement bus service
Which I need to wait for under full moon
It's a cold and lonely place outside the station
As the place grinds to a halt for the night
And yet it feels somewhat eerie out there
But at the same time I do feel alright
Here comes the bus to replace the rail
And it has that empty feeling of nothing
As I board on and wait for it to take me home
I just want to head home and be relaxing.

(Based on a recent experience where it was the rail replacement bus taking me home, not the last train. It was surreal and yet eerie at the same time.)


I look back at my life
And think of the moments
Which have shaped and defined me
I think there are times
When I know I needed to be better
And be the better person
And other times in my life
When realistically I wasn't right
And yet inside myself I do feel
Like I've achieved something
I know there are key moments
That I can recall as being timely
Such as moving to my house
Getting the job that I do now
And falling in love
Especially the love I have now
But at the same time
All of those have helped me realise
That I can achieve things
That I am not a bad person
And that despite myself
I can be myself
And that's the loveliest thing to know
That I can do so much
And make people happy
And make someone loved
Yet still have my independence
And my own space as well
Without having to be so negative
But instead be so positive
And that's a moment to cherish.

(I think everyone has moments in their lives which are key - and for me there's plenty of them, but some which have also made me who I am right now.)


Every band is at it now
Or so it seems to me
A reformation has been planned
To recapture past glory
All the hits you know and love
Played once again and near you
It seems that everyone wants to hear them
So there is a sizeable queue
As everyone clamours to see
What all the fuss was about
And whether they were any good
As they come back second time around.

(Bands and reforming seem to be joined together at the hip lately.)

Monaco Haiku

Watching the Grand Prix
A childhood dream will come true
And that's so special.

(If only you could actually see how excited I am about going!!)