Poetry - May 2011

Winning At Wembley

An early start for my uncle and I
As we leave Manchester to head South
For a derby game that was crucial
And left an appetising tase to the mouth
We wanted to see City win and get to
The final of the FA Cup
A chance to finally win some silverware
As long as the team didn't muck up
We got to Victoria and headed on the tube
And soon we were at Wembley Way
Walking to the stadium soaking up the atmosphere
Wondering who Roberto Mancini might play
Inside the ground it was electric
As the fans made more and more noise
The teams were read, the fans did the Poznan
And it was cheering "Come on the City boys!"
First half was one where we hung on for a bit
But gradually got back into the game
A couple of shots got pretty close
I knew that the fans around me felt the same
We got to half time at 0-0
Second half and all to play for
The first goal was going to be crucial
And not long during the game before
Yaya Toure intercepted the ball
And ran towards the United goal
He scored and we all went mental
Hugging, doing the Poznan, we did it all
Scholes was sent off and we thought
That it could just be for once our day
The injury time dragged on forever
But then the final whistle went to say
City had done it and beaten United
And we'd be back to Wembley
For a final and the first time in thirty years
I want us to break that trophy duck, you see
We were two happy people as we headed back
To Victoria for the late night coach home
But that journey felt so sweet
Because we'd seen our team perform
Looking back the day was wonderful
And beyond what I thought would happen
And I know my uncle was so happy
A memory for him to cherish, then!

(How happy was I to be there and see City beat United in the FA Cup semi? Very happy indeed let me tell you.)

Crucible Closeness

It's off to Sheffield for the annual jaunt
As I head to the Crucible Theatre
For a drama that isn't played on stage
But on a table that as a fan you're near to
It's the earlier rounds, two tables are set
With the dividing screen in the centre
Which drops once Rob Walker announces
The players who'll play the session
You feel so close to the action
You can almost touch the hallowed table
As you can see who might qualify
Who can pot, play safety and be able
To knock the snooker balls in the pocket
And win frames during the session
Seeing is believing, and believe me
The snooker there is full of tension.

(I love it at The Crucible, it's like nothing else!)

What Was That Again?

I'm at the local church for a christening
As various passages are read
With religious overtones and meanings
But I can't understand what's been said
It's not that I cannot hear so well
But it's the reader that isn't so clear
It's a mumble or bad pronunciation
And that to me doesn't hold so dear
People want to follow the service order
And appreciate the writing for what it is
But if you can't make out any clarity
Then it feels like torture, not bliss
I just wish that I'd been able to step up
And read with a voice that would be heard
Be understandable to the congregation
And that wouldn't sound so absurd.

(Message to anyone reading in chuch: please be intelligible so we can hear you.)


I try to maintain a good balance
Between the real life outside and work
Because if I was just career minded
I think it would drive me berserk
I like to have the quality time
When I am at home and free
So that the hours I've spent working
Result in a quality of life for me
I want to keep an equilibrium
Of time, money space and freedom
So that I'm not tied to my office chair
Looking at the clock and having boredom
I love the work I do very much
But I do want to have the time on my own
So it's good I've got that perfect balance
Where I don't go to work with a groan.

(It's difficult but I am in a good place with work and life balance.)

May Haiku

The weather is warm
Everyone's gone to the beach
And who can blame them?

(Well, I can't!)