Poetry - May 2009

The Time Of Your Life

You love the film so much
You have the soundtrack and play it
The anniversary collection DVD too
And yet you can also say every line with wit
No one puts Baby in a corner
Is the most classic one you know
But then you hear word of going to London
To see a musical version as a show
You're all so excited as you ring your friends
And plan the trip meticulously
You know that you won't meet the real film stars
Even though you all fancied Patrick Swayze
You head off down to the capital
And are all a buzz with what you'll see
The curtain rises and the show starts
And it's a show of real quality
Everyone is singing along at the end
And that makes you feel so good
You've had the time of your life
And that time with all your friends.

(I saw so many women at Dirty Dancing The Musical, it was untrue!)

The Home Of Snooker

Every year at the end of April
I make a trip over on the train
Through the Hope Valley over to Sheffield
And then later in the day home again
In between I'm ready to watch
The Snooker World Championship unfold
And it's at the legendary Crucible Theatre
Where the atmosphere is anything but cold
Rob Walker gets the boys on the baize
The referees put their white gloves on
And you know that action's about to start
As down comes the dividing partition
You're on table one seeing two top players
Who manage to really work for position
The frames are passing by rather quickly
And soon it's four all as the end of the session
It's been a good day and you've sampled it all
The atmosphere is just like no other
So if you ever get a chance to head to Sheffield
Do so, it's a pilgrimage to the fan and his mother.

(To be honest, if you've watched snooker on telly, it's all well, but.. it's so much better being there, especially at The Crucible, the home of snooker.)

Sculling My Way To Fitness

I looked at how much I weigh
I wasn't feeling happy with myself
I know deep down I've caused this
And that I need to regain my health
So I've got the sculling rower back out
And will try and do ten minutes a day
Before I shower and get ready for work
So that I can feel awake and think "Yaay"
I am getting better every time I try
And want to push and work hard for what I want
Which is less weight and less thigh
I know I can push and push harder
Gradually working my way back
To when I could do twenty minutes
And feel a distinct weight lack
One day I know I'll get there
But in the meantime I will row
So that when I go on my holiday soon
I'll be able to have the get up and go.

(I wish I'd kept up the fitness regime, so no time like the present eh?)

A Life Without Chocolate

I am so tempted
Every time I go into a shop
To have a bar of chocolate
But I know that's got to stop
Eating too much is making me fat
And that's not a good thing to do you see
So it's goodbye to the Dairy Milk
The Double Decker and a Yorkie
Instead it's resisting temptation
I walk past the shop even if it'll hurt
Even attempting the bit of fruit
Or a healthier low fat yoghurt
But I know a life without chocolate
Will eventually help me on my way
So I need to think slim and svelte
And not let temptation sway.

(It's been so hard to give up chocolate, but so far, so good...)

May Day Haiku

It's May Day today
Time to watch a big parade
And smile cos you're off.

(See a local parade? Get out there!)