Poetry - May 2006

Manic Monday

It's another start to the week
It's another deadline to be met
You can see the stressed out faces
As the worries make them start to fret
And nothing is working right with the file
It looks like it's all gone corrupted
And if you haven't got a backup anywhere
It's back to where you started
Then you realise that there's so many words
Two thousand plus to write
And yet you're well short of that total
And can't just put down any old trite
And as the four o'clock deadline approaches
You're a modicum of stress and emotion
Handing the assignment to the desk with seconds left
Scraping through with hardly a thought or mention.

(I'm sure if you have a Monday deadline, like a lot of students have when they're first day back at University, then this is for you.)

Crank It Up

We're a new band on the block
And we don't care who likes us or not
All we want to do is crank it up
Turn the volume up to ten and more
We have two minute songs that last two minutes
We don't want to sell out to the pop kid masses
All we want to do is crank it up
And hope that everyone rocks on the same as we do
We don't want to be courted by NME
Rather develop the fan base by our hard work
All we want to do is crank it up
Play to small venues where everyone can just rock
We've now got our first EP out
Limited vinyl release for the real diehards only
Cos all we want to do is crank it up
Because our music should be fun for us too.

(Too many bands take themselves seriously these days. Sometimes you just want that raw energy.)

I Can't

Sometimes I wish I could do things in my life
Sometimes I really want to be able to do them
But my mind knows me better than anyone
And sometimes I just have to say that I can't
It's not something I really like to do
Say that something is not doable when it might be
But for others, they may have the patience or control
But for me I lack those faculties at times, so I can't
I wish I could write wonderful songs that sell millions
I wish I knew the numbers for the Euro Millions
Or be a rich executive fat cat and earn billions
But the truth is I'm none of those and to be them I can't
We focus all the times on the things we can do
Not pushing ourselves any further than we need to
But even then there comes a time when you admit defeat
And have to just say: I can't.

(I'm not being specific here deliberately. I know my limits and I know what I can and can't do.)

We're Dreaming Of The Impossible

The season nears its end
As May looms and the fate is decided
Of the teams that go up and down
But of the players that might be going away
To Deutschland in June for the World Cup
Will they be able to stay injury free
Or are they already doomed not to go?
The press and media pin all their hopes
On one player in particular
And now he's injured it's like it's all over
That no one else can be good enough
To take his place and so we're making excuses already
But even with the optimism that we're supposed to be good
Somehow I just think we're dreaming of the impossible
We're just not going to win the World Cup
Becuase the FA are useless talentless idiots.

(It's true. Let's let ourselves gently down now and accept that we're not going to win the World Cup because the FA have no idea - they appointed Sven, they're making a farce of the replacement hunt etc..)

What Is The World Coming To?

Zoos closing because animals are dying of extinction
Yellow toxic waste damaging the land everywhere
X-Ray equipment being out of life and usafe
Where in third world countries it's pawned off
Vehicles emitting so much waste and damage
Usually on a part of countries like the USA
Their politicians just don't understand the ethics
So the environment is crumbling around us
Really, we'll all be five degrees warmer in a few years
Quite how a lot of us will survive is difficult to decide
Precious water will become even more so as Earth dries
Oxygen will eventually become a currency for the rich
Nitrous oxide fills the air with poisons
Many people are just leaving places that are inhabitable
Last time they'll ever see their homes again
Killing off so much of natural habitats has come to haunt
Just what did those who spoke the truth tell you many years back?
I can't believe they were ignored about the dangers of global warming
Help us all now because we're all going to die in a few years time
Going nowhere as the Earth heats up, dries up and wastes away
For many years we asked your countries to go more green
Electricity could have been sourced from resources like the wind
Didn't think that the politicians would ever listen mind you
Callous as the leaders are, they're the ones to blame in all this
Because now we now that we're all going to lose our planet
And there's nothing now that we can do.

(A random rant aout what might be said in ten to twenty years time. Don't say I didn't warn you!)