Poetry - May 2005

Election Day Blues

The polling stations open with aplomb
As everyone tries to get their vote in early
Stopping by on the way to work
Undecided who to vote for
A spur of the moment decision ensues
And you feel the conscience is clear
As you've made your democratic voice heard
Even if it might not make that much difference
As you watch the coverage in the evening
Hoping the person you voted for won
You see in desparation as they come last
Not the result that you hoped for.

(5th May 2005 - will it change things or remain stagnant? You decide.)

One Of These Days..

One of these days I'll realise just what happiness is and means
One of these days I'll actually stop to think before opening my mouth
One of these days maybe I'll actually start writing my first novel
Instead of putting it off for everything else that happens in life
One of these days I will believe what people say and not be suspicious
One of these days I shall think that football doesn't have to be everything
One of these days love will conquer everything and be the one thing
The one thing, that I really treasure more than anything else
One of these days I might even actually join CAMRA
One of these days I will realise that not everything is black and white
One of these days I'll learn to control my sometimes volatile nature
And not just change mood because the smallest thing went wrong
One of these days I'll be able to get another job should I want to
One of these days I can go round Ikea without moochers being in the way
One of these days I will be able to get through the day without thinking
And thinking way too much about everything.

(Thoughts to get off the chest, so to speak.)

Outsider To Winner

He went off to Prestatyn in the cold North Wales winter
To be there in one of many cubicles playing the game
Nineteen frames maximum of qualifying hell
So that in April spring arrives and so does the Crucible
The first round is nervy but the nerves hold and he's through
Then another tough opponent in round two: despatched
Steve Davis in the quarter final? No problem for this man
And the tough semi against Peter Ebdon made to be easy
So he's there in the final, one hundred and fifty to one
An outsider that could possibly be a winner
And over the two days of the final all his qualities come to the fore
Playing shots with such aplomb, power and poise
That everyone is raving about how good he is
So let's all raise a glass and say well done Shaun Murphy
From outsider to Crucible winner.

(17 days at the Crucible, and he's the man. Simple as that.)

Everything's In Silver

I go round the hi-fi showrooms
Gleaming with the smell of Pledge
And Windolene as the glass cabinets gleam
And all in a silver effect everywhere
For hi-fi diehards like me it's so upsetting
Black is the colour I love and I'm used to
It just looks classy and looks technical
And silver looks so washed out
Some manufacturers don't even do black anymore
They say everyone wants silver these days
To go with their beech laminate flooring
And not to look too dark in their front rooms
Everything's in silver: hardly anything in black
I just really want the shops etc to know
That some of us actually like the colour
And gives us our AV rig that special glow.

(Hmm.. my quest for a black DVD recorder might not be that easy, it seems.)

Champions League, You're Having a Laugh

You have won the league
But the Champions League? Oh no,
You're having a laugh!

(Liverpool 1 Chelsea 0. Oopsie!)