Poetry - March 2018

Trains By The Sea

I love taking a journey by train
Where I'm able to see the sea
There's something lovely about the coastline
Which really does appeal to me
Whether it be a fleeting glimpse
Of the horizon through the window
Or in some cases the tracks by the sea wall
Where you can see everyone in full flow
There's just something about travel
And being able to see the coast
Thinking that I'd like to explore there
Which really does appeal to me the most
I adore the fact I can ride past quickly
Seeing the waves lap up against the shore
With the beauty of the coastline in view
A view that makes me want to see more.

(Being able to see the sea from the train is just a lovely thing. If you ever get chance, do the Exeter St Davids to Paignton route - that includes the dramatic sea wall at Dawlish where the views are stunning!)

Back To The 80s

I grew up as a teenager in the 1980s
When synths and electronics were all the rage
Bands used them to make classic pop tracks
Many of which have stood the test of time with age
I would happily listen to those sort of songs
Rather than some sexist person and their "ho"
It's an age where enjoyment of the music was key
And that if you had talent, fans would let you know
So it was very much a case for me
On a Friday night underneath Stamford Bridge
Where it would be back to the 1980s
Seeing Blancmange (and no, not that in the fridge)
Being so tall and being so small
As they lived on the ceiling during their set
It was an atmosphere of joy and happiness
With plenty of haircuts much of the retro set
For me it was a good time all round
Knowing that the music was what got us here
And it's the music that continues to give us joy
And hold on to all of that I will hold dear.

(Over the last few years I've seen many bands I wasn't able to in the 1980s (liked their music, too young to go to gigs) so to see them now and still be so enjoyable is a special thing. If you get chance, see the likes of The Human League, Heaven 17, Blancmange and so on.)

Skiing In Zero

I've got nothing but the fullest of admiration
For Winter Paralympic visually impaired skiers
Who hurtle down the mountain at very fast speeds
With their guide being both their eyes and ears
To see the speed and control as they head down
Listening to the guide and getting the turns just right
Shows immense dedication and application
Making sure that impairment isn't by sight
Millie Bright has earned two medals so far
In both the Super G and the downhill
With her guide Brett being an integral part of the team
As he makes her feel reassured and chilled
Coming back from a crash at the finish line
To be as competitive and hungry for success
Shows a massive amount of determination
And I've got absolutely nothing but respect.

(Watching the Winter Paralympic Games has been a real case of enjoying the competitive nature of the athletes and how well the visually impaired skiers do at their events, really powering down the hill at immense speed - it's pure sporting drama and one which earns massive respect from me.)

Woe At West Ham

The London Stadium has become a cauldron
But for all the wrong reasons, not the football
As the atmosphere has become increasingly toxic
The team lurches from one defeat to another
With the increasing anger coming from the fans
They were promised so much with the stadium move
But the team is in reality achieving so little
The fans have had enough one day in March
They took to invading the pitch in the second half
Pulling out the corner flag and placing it on the centre spot
Getting nastier by the minute as they want the board sacked
With an ugly feeling not seen since the Inter City Firm
It's clear that they want to see some changes made
But disrupting the team when they need backing might not work
Instead get on at the board before and after the game
And during it, put that to one side and cheer your lads on.

(As hard as it is, I can sort of relate to how West Ham fans are feeling - me as a Manchester City fan saw upheval during the 1990s with board struggles affecting the team, sacking the wrong manager, bringing in rubbish managers instead, and generally going downhill. The move to the London Stadium has in their eyes removed some identity...)

Marathon Run Haiku

Twenty six miles gone
Only a short way to go
To complete the course.

(Those pesky 385 yards eh? I'm sure those who've completed the event will know that the last part is always the hardest....)