Poetry - March 2017

(Dis)United Kingdom

Every part of the United Kingdom
Wants to now go their own way
With their governance not ruled by Westminster
And localised decisions would hold sway
It would certainly be a change
But I think it'd be for the better
Allowing the independence to happen
Not having to compromise together
Parliaments have been devolved
That doesn't go far enough
We now need true independence
To break the union will be tough
But it simply has to happen
So that each country can decide their fate
And if it all works out for them
Then the current parts of Britain can all be great
If Scotland gets their independence vote
Wales, England and Northern Ireland should too
Allowing everyone to have their say
Making it sensible and well thought through
Since the Brexit vote the country's disunited
Each one of them seemingly more isolated
So why don't we just make the break for it
And become countries segregated.

(It's pretty clear now that the United Kingdom is anything but these days - so why don't we have our own four independent countries? There's plenty of positives to be taken and if IndyRef 2 happens in Scotland, everyone else should have similar at the same time and move for change.)

Last Ninja 2

When I was sixteen and attending sixth form
I was waiting for the release of a game
Where the reviews had all been glowing
And the game given huge acclaim
The scandal broke out over some stores
Not having the shuriken and mask in the box
So it was to the independent retailer I went
To make sure it was all present, and rocks
I remember heading home from town
Firing up my precious Commodore 64
Hearing the Central Park loading theme first time
Just made the proverbial drop of the jaw
From that moment on I was completely hooked
I wanted to play through every level
Getting past certain screens made me feel so good
Then managing to enjoy that music to the full
I can remember getting to the final screen
So wanting to beat the final bad guy
And when I did I punched the air with joy
Knowing I'd enjoyed the experience on a high
When I look back almost thirty years on
With the music all wonderfully remade
It makes me proud to have enjoyed that game
One of the finest series of its trade.

(Autumn 1988, the game Last Ninja 2 was just a piece of awesomeness. Even now the music by Matt Gray is rather brilliant it has to be said.)

Running Down That Hill

Each time I see the same sight
Everyone in a mad rush down the slope
Attempting to get a last minute boarding
For the train that's ready to go
I just don't get the mass panic
That seems to be en masse
There'll be another train coming shortly
And it'll be much less packed
I walk down the hill gently
And smile as I see everyone breeze past
As the train leaves the station
I calmly walk past those all aghast
It's a Saturday morning and the sun is up
There's no need to run for anything
So why the sprint to head down
Always makes me think there's something
Special that they need to do
Just to try and leave it the latest
To get a train that might not even go their way
And so begins the running down fest.

(I can sort of understand during the week, but Saturday morning should be a bit more gentle than running down to the platform at East Croydon and missing the train anyway...)

All The Stations

So it's a two person challenge
To visit every train station
Over two and half thousand
Scattered across the nation
It seems a lengthy mission
To observe all the stops everywhere
But there's something so completist
That you have to admire to be fair
Planning to take in the once a week stops
Such as the legendary Reddish South
Heading to Wick in the North
All the way from Penzance in the South
Every single station along the way
With their own unique tale to tell
With wonderful names such as Bat and Ball
Cooden Beach, Denton and St Keyne Wishing Well
It's one I would have loved to do
So will be watching with interest
As Geoff and Vicki head everywhere
North to South and East to West.

(Back the Kickstarter for this and see if they manage it!)

Holiday Hurry-up Haiku

Wishing I could go
On holiday sooner than
The four months it is.

(Cornwall sort of now, please.)