Poetry - March 2016

The View from C26

Leaving London Euston behind
And heading up North
I sit at my window seat
With plenty of food for thought
The 1820 departure sets off
With darkness falling around
I see the lights of the towns I pass
And the rain falling to the ground
It always feels slower at night
Staring out at the countryside
With each passing minute, a minute closer
To see the woman I love by my side
It's the view I've had a couple of times
As I sit in coach C, row 26
My window to the world is from here
And it's my weekend train ride fix
I can't wait to arrive in Manchester
And feel like I'm finally home
To a place I know so well
And wherever I feel safe as I roam.

(Oddly the last few times I've booked trains to Manchester I've ended up in the same seat. I'll break this cycle I think sooner rather than later!)

Double U-Turn

So in Formula 1
A new qualifying system was tried
It was universally unpopular
And something no fan liked
So the team bosses said change it back
And it was supposed to happen in Bahrain
But now we have the situation
Of the decision being u-turned again
As if the sport didn't need any more bad news
This just makes a laughing stock
Of the supposed premier motorsport
Run by people acting like a cock
Not realising the damage it's doing
To an already damaged sport
That is turning people off in their masses
With their arrogance, I must report.

(There's short sighted decisions, and then there's this in F1. Makes FIFA seem non-corrupt in comparison.)

The New New Street

For many years I used to go
To Birmingham New Street station
It used to be a dark dingy place
And full of the feel of desperation
But with the redevelopment all finished
And the new look Grand Central inside
It has a real feeling of openness and space
And one all Brummies should be full of pride
You arrive to a welcoming area
That makes you feel like you belong
A sense of buzz and activity around
And one that proved the doubters wrong
It's now a destination to arrive at
Where you feel the love of the city
And one where I will be coming back to
So I can wander around more lovingly.

(Amazing how different Birmingham New Street looks now - a station much more befitting and one which really does make you feel so much more welcomed.)


So the potential buyers had pulled out
Asking a discount at the last minute
Wanting me to panic before exchange
So that the buyers would get a bargain bit
I wasn't falling for any of that
But nonetheless I feel really let down
I was going to sell the house and move on
But now all I wear is a heavy frown
It's more time and expense planned
As I wait for someone else to buy the place
And make it their own little home
Whilst I just have to hope and wait
I want to be able to get on with things
But feel like the whole life is on hold
As my abandoned self is torn apart
By the fact that the house remains unsold.

(The quest to sell my old house goes on, sadly.)

Making The Train Haiku

Three minutes to go
I just make it to the train
That run was worth it!

(Based on an epic run to get a train recently having to run through parts of Central London!)