Poetry - March 2015

The Final Farewell

It's the last day in the office
A place you've spent many years in
And almost your second home
It feels so much different today
Almost like it's come so soon
But you know it's now here
As you start to finish everything
And pack away all your things
There's a tear in your eye
Feeling so sad and so final
It's the day you didn't want to come
As you've been part of a team
That's been so close knit together
And one you're proud to be part of
As you all have lunch together
Reminsicing of the times past
The five o clock hour approaches
But first a surprise from your team
Lots of the old colleagues arrive
And all wish you all so well
Putting together for a special present
And one you'll always remember
You walk out head held up high
And for one last and final time.

(One day this will happen to me, and it'll be terribly sad. I can only imagine how it must be for others in the same situation.)

The Ghost Line

Once a week on a Friday
A hardy bunch gathers here
On the platform at Stockport station
To catch a train that is rare
It only goes one way
Heading across Greater Manchester
Stopping at two stations
It's the only train to stop there
Everyone is ready to leave
As the train heads off and away
Stopping at Reddish South
And then Denton just by the motorway
The tracks converge by Guide Bridge
And then on to Stalybridge
As the journey is complete
And that twenty five minutes is it
You have to go the long way back
To Manchester first and then Stockport
But for some it's an odyssey
That the ghost line runs at all.

(There are the strange "once a week" parliamentary train services and one of them is close to me - I may have to see what the fuss is about sometime.)


You watch the tennis
It's the Davis Cup game
The crowd are going ballistic
And the teams are the same
Talking to each other
In between every single point
And geeing them on then
When they reach set point
It's a partisan crowd
Yelling and screaming and cheering
Really showing their bias
And enjoying what they're feeling
It really does have that passion
And helps the team a lot
Especially when you smash it over
Or be good at the net like Dominic Inglot.

(Davis Cup tie against the USA, British home crowd going mental, what is there not to like?)

ATV Bullseye

When the darts game show started
It was transmitted by what was ATV
With their iconic Venn diagram logo
And cheesy seventies style jingle
And then on came Jim Bowen
But without any Tony Green present
Three couples were introduced
Nearest to the bull went first
So they all had to throw
The category board had bible in it
They had to pick question and value
And then hoped the darts player got it
The questions seemed rather hard too
The spelling ones were notably long
And after round one, one couple left
Second round they still threw darts
But the winner decided a question
£25, £50 or £101, not for points
So that struck me as somewhat odd
And their scores weren't carried over either
With two rounds done it was the prize board
No out of the black and in the red though
The segments were red and green
You could still lose the prizes for two
Then the board would revolve
Time to gamble the prizes it was
And still 101 in the six darts
They'd gamble a lot more back then
But it was usually a car to win
Or a fitted kitchen that looked cheap
And then speeding off too quickly to the end
No wonder the format was changed..

(When you see how Bullseye started, you can see why changes were made to make the show work properly..)

Saturday Sun Haiku

The sun has come out
Off to the market I go
Bargains in the sun.

(Well, why not?)