Poetry - March 2014

The Great Hotel Ripoff

The games are coming to Glasgow
Everyone wants to try to go
Seeing the athletes doing their best
And becoming part of their show
The tickets have been purchased
And then you look at where to stay
The prices are extortionate all round
Makes you want to go away
To somewhere sunnier with a beach
For a fraction of the price it'd cost
It really puts a dampener on things
And you almost wish you'd lost
Not getting any tickets would at least mean
You don't have to think about the expense
And for many others the same problem is
That they can't get any recompense
I've seen places advertised
At six times their normal asking price
Which does make me wonder
If anyone really wants to play nice
The search goes on with no luck
And to be honest I now don't want to go
If the prices are going to be so dear
Then maybe I won't be part of the show.

(When you're looking at £300 plus a night for a room that normally costs £60-70 on average, you do have to wonder how much you can take before you just abandon going, which is most likely what I'm going to do.)


Back in the 1980s
Was me growing as a child
Taking in all the music
That Top of the Pops offered
Feeling mildly excitable
When New Order were on
But also The Human League
Heaven 17 and Depeche Mode
It was a good time for music
Much more than given credit for
And now as some of the bands
Are still touring and playing
You have to admire longevity
And the fact their songs are classic
Standing the test of time
Far more than anyone will today
Maybe I do feel somewhat retro
But it's a feeling I have
And a feeling that is happy
When I see them play live
It takes me to being a child again
And that's no bad thing
Because I was too young to see them live
And now retro is king.

(All the great 1980s bands who are still here and playing live, kudos to them. Heaven 17 later this month with Blancmange - what more can any retro kid want?)


I went on the beach at the Warren
Holidaying there when I was young
Walking under the railway line to get there
And all I wanted was Summer fun
Winter hits the coastline
And batters the sea defences to shreds
The scenic rail link is suspended
With the line hanging over parapets
I've travelled on the trains to Cornwall
And admired the view from the window
But today at Dawlish it's all stormy sea
Making train travel a complete no go
It makes me wonder how the wall survived
Many years of battering by the weather
And the repairs going on round the clock
Show how important and together
Linking Devon and Cornwall is for the economy
Bringing in vital business and tourist trade
But until the repairs are made in Dawlish
Then it's a long diversional bus escapade.

(Having travelled along that very scenic part of Devon's railway, seeing the line battered by storms made me feel sad and hopefully it'll be back soon.)

So What Now?

So what now?
It all seems so worthless
Whatever I do doesn't work
And whatever I try fails
And that's not really good
When I want to achieve
I feel so held back
Because my face doesn't fit
So what now?
Do I make the brave move
To go elsewhere
And be valued that way
Or do I tough it out
And try to work even harder
In the faint hope
That one day I'll get my reward
So what now?
Do I have to consider
What my other options are
And what to do about them
And maybe go freelance
Or even take a career change
Do something different instead
Become a man of all trades
And a master of some.

(I feel at a crossroads at the moment and that's quite difficult to work out my next move.)

Happy Haiku

Waking up all smiles
With the woman I love next
To me, it's all love.

(Sometimes you just have to go "awwww! - it's just one of those moments..)