Poetry - March 2013

The Last Leg

Each night after the Paralympics
Came a show that made you laugh
It answered all your awkward questions
Making is it OK as its leading path
But the banter and cameraderie
Between Adam, Josh and Alex
Only served up lots of funny moments
And ones that taught the old dog new tricks
You could laugh at yourselves if you wanted
And not fear anyone disapproving
Because it was an eye opener for everyone
As the Games and themselves were proving
It broke down barriers and made me smile
In that they were just like this every day
And when the Paralympics ended
I was sad that this show would have gone away
But Channel 4 weren't daft and saw
What we all did last late Summer
That having a show like this was great
And the comedy element was a keeper
And so in January a new series started
With topical looks at the news with plenty of wit
And still the Is it OK segment
That makes everyone smile a fair bit!

(I'll say it again - my current favourite show on telly, this. The three presenters have so much banter and humour together and it's all as it happens, and respect to them all!)

Big Is Beautiful

It angered me a fair bit
When I saw Joan Rivers having a go
At our very own Adele
Stating she was too big
And that she ate all the pies
It angered me more
Because Adele is a talented woman
Who can clearly sing a good tune
And has done the Bond theme
And won an Oscar for it too
All of this with her natural talent
And her looks and beauty
Does it matter if she's a bigger lady?
Absolutely not to me
She dresses feminine and looks very classy
And is a role model for many girls
I'd much rather have that role model
Than someone who's spent so much
On plastic surgery re-arranging herself
Just to satisfy the media hungry masses
Or to hold back the signs of ageing
Because she can't bear it in herself
Big can be beautiful and it is with Adele
Ignore that haggard old Hollywood woman.

(Adam Hills on The Last Leg had a similar view to me which was a great rant - basically using his catchphrase "You're being a dick" to describe Joan, and how Adele is massively more talented. Couldn't agree more..)

A Win Would Be Nice

Each Saturday night we all dream
About what we'd do if we won
The money we'd spend
The things that we'd buy
The places that we'd go
The houses that we'd live in
The apartment in Monaco
All those sort of fantasies
But every Saturday night
That's what they become again
As the draw is made
The numbers come out
And I've got one if I'm lucky
But never seem to get more
Than three if I'm really lucky
And yet next week we dream again.

(I can't be the only one who has this sort of feeling each weekend, right?)

Things Left I Want To Do

I want to do so much with my life
And make sure I've spent it well
So that when I look back when I'm older
I don't think about what might have been
I've done so much already I feel proud of
And there's lots to look back on now
But I also want to dream about more
And be able to get a few more things done
So I'd love to go the proper Wimbledon tennis
And see the top players on Centre Court
I'd like to go to the Belgian Grand Prix
And have the drivers take Eau Rouge flat out
I want to go to America and see
How the real life people live over there
I've always wanted to head over to Japan
And maybe see a Swing Out Sister gig there
As well as all the technology around
That would make me just swoon with envy
I'd love to go back to Monaco and watch
The Grand Prix from a gorgeous viewpoint
Spending the evenings with the stars
And feeling like my own very important person
But most of all the one thing I want
And I'd want this more than anything material
Would be to stay in love with the woman I love
And be the one for her that I want to be.

(We all have wish lists I suspect, and that's only a few. I could go on for hours about what I'd love to do, such as the Bathurst 1000 motor race, the Grand National, run a marathon etc etc)

Spring Haiku

Spring is in the air
I want the weather to get
Lovely and warmer.

(I think we all do!)