Poetry - March 2012

Emptiness Of My Mind

My mind seems so blank
Thinking isn't an option
I don't know just why it is
But nothing makes sense
Anything that comes to mind
Passes in an empty space
A void in which it travels
One I know no answer to
All I can do is try
And think what I was thinking of
But my mind draws a blank
An empty numb feeling
I just can't work it out
Why is my mind doing this
Or maybe there's too much
For me to think about right now.

(Sometimes everything makes no sense whatsoever to me - and we've all had those moments I reckon.)

Wooden Train Set

Everyone has a different memory
That they hold dear from their childhood
Mine was one that was a staple
In most young boys' toy cupboards
A wooden train set with track and trains
One where you could imagine a set
Of a track that went around in a circle
With points, junctions and a bridge I guess
And one where the train stayed on track
As you pushed it around to the station
It was just fun to build and build again
And one played by boys across the nation
It was my escape from reality
And it allowed me to be in a safer place
Where everything ran to my own design
And where life was at a slower pace.

(When I was young, the wooden train set was one of my favourite toys - I'd play with it a fair bit making tracks a lot and thinking how a design would work to loop all the way around - the fun part, I suppose.)

Why Always Me?

He's a striker, and he's good at darts
And he's got some allergy to Ukranian grass
But when he pulls on the blue shirt
And in the mood, he's absolute class
At other times he can be so unpredictable
You just don't know what the next story will be
He could be driving through Manchester
Handing lots of people plenty of money
Or setting fireworks off at his house
And so staying at a hotel in the centre of town
While the work's being done back at home
But while it all goes on, he doesn't frown
Confident in all the ability that he has
Knowing where the goal is and scoring well
He's just an enigma that we all love
But gives the opposition players hell
Why always me? he asks when he scores
But two against United made him a cult hero
And then he gets himself sent off
Reducing the mood from hero to zero
You just don't know what you're going to get
But that's the beauty of the man too
He is the one, the only Mario Balotelli
And I'm just pleased he wears Man City blue.

(You really don't know what to expect with Mario Balotelli, but he's one of those players you want playing for you, especially if you need a penalty taker - he's just so cool and calm with it. He's different, he's Mario!)

Scrabbling Around

A two letter word you need to play
In a tight space and with a large letter
You're not sure what to play here
Because the next move might be better
Especially as the triple letter is lurking
Meaning you could play AX and XI
And if you did that, there's points to be had
But you can't seem to get the letter I
Which would complete the job perfectly
And in the meantime you get the Q you see
So it's time to dig out the Chinese life force
And search for a place to play QI!

(We've all had those situations when playing Scrabble. Well I have anyway!)

Mad March Haiku

One day it's sunny
The next day, it's oh so cold
It's Mad March again!

(Hmm.. why can't the weather make its mind up this month I wonder?)