Poetry - March 2010

Two Blue Dots, No Cheap Prices

Down Rue Saint-Honore there is a shop
That isn't for the faint hearted shopper
The prices are for the fashionistas
With the costs expensive and proper
The goods may be quality but you can tell
That the lavish way it's all laid out
Says that it's for ones who want to be trendy
And not just those who are here on a day out
The two blue dots at the end of the name
Are the iconic symbol of the shop Colette
That stands for quality, fashion and expense
And not even a cheap CD you can get!

(It's a great shop is Colette, but it's not that cheap. Well worth a mooch around if you want to look trendy in Paris though.)

Cheats Never Prosper

He cheated on his wife
With his team mate's girlfriend
And tried to get a court injunction
So that the papers wouldn't get wind
But eventually it all came to the fore
That proved what many already knew
John Terry was infact captain love cheat
And that he'd hurt Wayne Bridge too
It came to pass that one day
Their paths would cross on the football field
City played Chelsea at the Stamford Bridge
And never was a game more eyes peeled
On the handshake before the game
Which Bridge steadfastly refused
John Terry couldn't just understand
And looked all a bit bemused
Then the truth will out during the game
As City did the business for Wayne
They scored four and made Chelsea look poor
Which only proved Terry to be a fool again
It also proved cheats never prosper
Be it on the football field or in love
And so City would have their last laugh
As Terry sought inspiration from above.

(Hehe, we beat Chelski for the first time in ages and to boot rub it in on John Terry. Serves him right for being such a cheating get to be honest. Wonder if my sister still likes him like she used to?)

The Tunnel of Twenty Minutes

Heading on the Eurostar
Through the Kent countryside at speed
You'll soon reach the Channel Tunnel
And the light fades into darkness, you see
It's twenty minutes before you see light
As you hurtle under the sea
With only the tunnel lights to guide you
As the train goes rather quickly
The light shines through as you arrive
In Calais as you head through to Paris
And marvel at the engineering skill
Which means you can go in peaceful bliss.

(The Channel Tunnel certainly has made travelling to France a lot easier, especially if it's two hours fifteen between Paris and London.)

Beautiful Girl, Love Your Dress

I admire how lovely you look
In the stunning dress you're wearing
It's all black and white and fetching
Makes me feel all rather humbling
Knowing how lucky I am to see you
In such an outfit that makes you sexy
And i know it makes you feel good
Because you want to look good for me
Beautiful girl, I love your dress
You make me feel so special to have you
And as we walk arm in arm out together
I know that heads will turn and that's true
But only you are mine, my love
And that feels so special to know
That you look beautiful in your dress
And a lovely evening, here we go.

(When someone makes the effort to look so lovely, you can't help but admire it can you?)

Cup Defeat Haiku

Went down to ten men
Extra time was painful too
We're out of the cup.

(Painful it was, notably losing a man before extra time and then capitulating....)