Poetry - March 2009

The Great Ticket Booking Fee Rip Off

You want to go to the latest gig
Where the band you love are going to play
But you want it to be at a venue
Where you can go to them and pay
Cutting out the middle man that is
The ticket booking office online
Where if you want just one ticket
The booking fee is a scam and a crime
There's the fee for booking, and service charge
And you even pay if you're collecting
At the box office of the venue for the show
And you just think that should cost nothing
You can't even do multiple gigs in one go
Thereby making sure you pay another fee
More into the hand of Ticketmaster's pockets
And less to go round for you and me
I just wish there was a regulator
That would cap all these forms of charge
Most of them are a rip off to us the fans
And the costs are just way too large.

(I was going to book a ticket recently, and for a £12 ticket, I was going to be charged £2.50 booking fee and £2.95 service charge by one of the leading ticket agencies. Rip off, it most certainly is. It's a reminder to always try to go the venue and pay cash where possible, so you don't get stung!)

Rock Like A Hero

I wish I could play the real guitar
But my co-ordination doesn't go that far
So when I found the game for the Wii
That suited me just most perfectly
I can be a hero to rock with the guitar
And if I time it right, I can go very far
As I sing along to Anarchy in the UK
I manage to play everything okay
Even if I have to really work hard to win
By some complex moves and strumming
I know I'm getting used to the way I play
It's lefty flip for me all the way
When I manage to beat the last song
I can play medium and see if I go wrong
But at least I feel like I can rock
And not feel like a guitar novice jock
So if anyone out there decries a video game
Because it's encouraging you to rock, it's a shame
We should encourage the kids of today
To listen to proper music that you can play.

(Say what you like, but Guitar Hero III is addictive, really. And it's quite good on the Wii as well - I'm enjoying playing it and discovering once more my rock fandom, hurrah.)

I Wish I Lived Punk Rock

I was only five when punk broke into the mainstream
I wish I was older to understand the whole movement
It was something that was against the system
And the whole thing completely upset the Government
They couldn't understand the influence in culture
That the kids were narked off with not having nothing
There was no future, no future for you
And that was pretty dark and depressing
It was their way of being able to take things out like anger
So that they could express themselves with their friend
And if any song could sum up their feelings so much
It'd be the one where they all mosh like mad at the end
It was violent and loud, but trying to smash the system
From the inside of its rotten late seventies core
Politics prevented the Sex Pistols from being number one
At a time of twenty five years of the queen, I deplore
The fact that everyone knew it was the top record
But the parents were scared of what the kids wanted to do
They were saying enough's enough and they wanted a future
As the song ran clear: "No future, for you!"

(If there was one thing that I wish about being older, it was so I could have been there and involved in the whole punk thing first time around. It was just a movement of purpose and also of the fact that the kids back then were pretty narked off with the whole late seventies depression, and wanted to rebel. And rightly so, as it turned out.)

A Time Of My Life

There are times in your life that you wouldn't swap
For the whole world because they're special to you
Such as your first kiss, the first time you made love
And the first time someone said "I love you"
Everyone has different moments that they wouldn't change
And I know that there's definitely one for me
And that is a fateful day way back when last year
When life started to change in a good way for me
I had managed to get myself back on track and be me again
And felt ready to take on the daunting arena of the social world
What I didn't expect was someone to sweep me off my feet
And make a complete difference leaving me unfurled
At the thought of someone who would appreciate me
And just me, which is what I wished for most of all
But there it was, and it all just happened to me that night
And it was a case of not wanting to go home at all
When you have nights like that, you know it's right
You don't want things to change, or to end
And I can honestly say that I've gained someone to love
As well as someone who's also my best friend.

(I dedicate this one to The Lines In My Poem, and deservedly so. Everyone has moments that they know changed their life, and for me this was one of them - and indeed all for the right reasons too..)

Kristin's On Tour Haiku

I wish I could see
Kristin Hersh more often, but
At least there's a tour!

(Kristin Hersh is touring the UK in May. Excited, am I? Oh yes.)