Poetry - June 2017

Home Safe

Leaving the Olympic Stadium
My girlfriend texted me the news
That I wished we didn't have to hear
Another attack, more freedom abuse
I knew that I was safe in numbers
As we all headed to Stratford station
The word got round, we all remained calm
Thinking about those in the situation
It could have been us as we left
We know that we're all pretty lucky
And remained calm and positive homeward
Thinking about those caught in the mêlée
Thinking about me and my girlfriend
As we've been to Borough Market
That could have been us there tonight
And would have been a night not to forget
But for all the wrong reasons
We heard the news of the casualties
And the swift actions of the police
Who covered all the eventualities
Their swift actions prevented more death
And should be praised for being brave
As I turned the key into my front door
Knowing that I thankfully was home safe.

(Reflecting on Saturday night and realising how the mood can soon change. Happiness at a gig turned to worry but yet calmness, and getting home safe was massively reassuring. I consider myself lucky.)

Get Off Your Phone

Every gig is the same these days
I just want to enjoy the music
And sing along to the songs I love
But there's some that make me sick
Rather than live for the moment
And enjoy the gig for what it should be
All they want to do is film it on their phones
And then review it constantly
Of course their arms are in the air
With their phone aloft getting a view
But all they do is get in my way
I want to sing, and I want to see, too
So the next time you're at a gig
Maybe if you can't resist your phone
Do us all a favour and do something good
Just leave the mobile device at home
We don't want shaky camera footage
Constantly on the web to remind us
We live for the moment that we were there
And enjoy the whole gig for what it was.

(The whole use of camera phones and filming at gigs is pretty bad now - especially more so at a stadium gig when it feels some have a divine right to get in my way and stop me enjoying the music and the view of the band playing. And those same people often talk during the gigs too. Sheesh, don't even get me started...)

One Love

We all have at least one love
Whether that's the family you hold dear
The friends that you're always near
The partner you want to spend your life with
Or even a pet that's your special companion
We all feel the love that we have
And having that caring sharing feeling of love
Will always conquer everything around us
So when you see that love being shared
With everyone feeling the same togetherness
It's a powerful force that we have
One that brings us all as one
And will never divide any of us
We may have different opinions on life
And sometimes we're passionate about them
But we've all got love somewhere
And love will always win over hate
No matter what life may throw at us
So let's all have at least one love
One heart, one emotion and one soul.

(After seeing One Love Manchester, it shows that if we all shared our togetherness and love, it's a strong and powerful thing. Good to remember that I think.)


When you're in my arms
You're the closest I've ever felt to anyone
There's a warmth inside
That gives me inner strength
A real sense of belonging
A feeling of being together
One that I don't want to lose
But one I am going to cherish
My heart beats soundly against yours
In our warm and close embrace
All I want is for this moment not to end
I know it's a special moment in time
You're my closest person in the world
I'm proud to have you by my side
As we face everything together
With that closest sense of togetherness.

(The last nine years have been my happiest ever - and all down to the woman I love with all my heart.)

Wallace Haiku

Do something, Gromit
We'll go somwhere where there's cheese
And some Wensleydale.

(Sad to hear the loss of Peter Sallis, the voice of Wallace from Wallace and Gromit.)