Poetry - June 2016

Don't Rain On My Parade

I'd not seen a musical for ages
But Funny Girl was on at the Savoy
And even without Sheridan Smith
It was songs and acting ahoy
The tale of Fanny Brice was told
With some artistic licence
But the way the songs all flowed
Really did make perfect sense
In fact the brilliant Natasha Barnes
Wasn't an understudy at all for us
She sang and held her voice superb
Without any song and dance or fuss
Darius Campbell was a perfect foil
You'll remember him from Pop Idol
He's come a long way since then
And in truth he played his role to the full
So if you were worrying about seeing the show
You shouldn't worry whatsoever
As the show went on wonderfully
And it was all staged very clever.

(Saw Funny Girl last weekend, and actually really enjoyed it, so maybe need to do theatre and musicals that bit more often. More spoilt for choice now though.)


It's all the small things
That we do together
That add up to us being us
And that makes it special
The little glances
The holding hands as we walk
The smiles on our faces
And the laughs that we share
It's hard to describe
But everyone who is loving
Shares a feeling of togetherness
That simply doesn't compare
We all feel a buzz inside
A sort of sense of belonging
And I know who I belong to
That makes me smile and be happy
I just want to keep loving
And giving my heart and soul
Because she deserves my love
And my affection in droves
It's hard to explain
But you know when you feel it
And you know when you don't
I know I am just so lucky
To be in love
To have a special one for me
That gives me little smiles
When I think of her beauty.

(Sometimes it's hard to explain that special feeling you have being in love, but eight years of happiness with The Love In My Heart has really made me a better person inside too.)


I feel sometimes I can't change the world
But want to do something
I feel anger that there's so much wrong
With the world that we all live in
There's people who want to be evil
And not care about others around
I know what the words are to describe
Just one and that's scum, I found
The companies who run trains
And put profits before safety
Pulling the wool over the commuters' eyes
And then playing completely dirty
The fact that our health care
Is being run down by this government
They want profits and privately run
Not caring for our doctors' employment
The gun laws in America
Which allow people to shoot and maim
Yet the psyche says not to ban them
Only time before it happens again
The way that football is run
Or mismanaged by the FA
Where leagues are being changed
Without the fans having any say
Just a few things that make me feel
The anger inside my head
I just wish they all weren't there
And make the world better instead.

(It's frustrating sometimes that I have a feeling of anger about things I can't completely control alone, and here's a few I thought of.)

Everything's Equal Unless You're a Golf Club

You would think that in this day and age
Sexism wouldn't be such an issue
But the members of Muirfield
Only gave themselves the worst attention due
They decided not to allow women as members
And have paid the ultimate price
The Open Championship won't be there no more
And for me that's quite right
We have no place in this world for this attitude
Where it's a bastion of exclusivity and bias
And only cements golf's image problem
Where it's based on status, sex and class
Royal Troon are now facing a cruical vote
They are supposed to hold The Open next month
But if the vote is to keep it one sex only
Then for me, their rights should also be dumped.

(It's 2016. What are some of these golf clubs doing? It's only right that the sanction of losing the rights to the Open may make them rethink their out of date and out of touch policies.)

Commuter Hell Haiku

The train is so packed
Want to get there in one piece
And get off right now.

(It's definitely something I've had to get used to, and even planned some different routes where the trains and tube etc are less busy just so as not to feel so claustrophobic..)