Poetry - June 2015

Powers of Scotland

The nation is tired
Of all the same politics
And with independence voted
With a narrow decline
It's now time for those
Who firmly believe
To exercise their power
In democracy terms
A new day has dawned
Nicola Sturgeon leads from the front
And the voters go
Onwards to the ballot box
The sweeping is rapid
It appears to be everywhere
All over Scotland
The map is turning yellow
It shows the depth of feeling
The powers of Scotland
A mood of change
And a mood of determination.

(It's noticeable just how much Scotland swung over to the SNP in this election, even with a high number of supposedly safe Labour seats. A definite vote for change but also a vote to use the current political establishment to have influence within - and all power to those who voted.)

Supposed To Be Summer

It's supposed to be Summer
Going for long walks in the country
Venturing out to the beach
And making the most of the long day
However all that June brings
Is wind, rain and more rain
The sun seems a distant memory
And bad weather comes with disdain
The weather people talk about
How the first of June is meterologically
The start of the Summer season
And great weather for you and me
I'd like to ask them all where it went
And disappeared into the abyss
Instead to be replaced by high winds
And other foul rain you can't miss.

(Summer? Really? Not at the moment here in the UK it isn't - not exactly ideal.)

Up For The Cup

Back in the 1980s
It was common place to have
An FA Cup Final song
Where your team would sing naff
A song about their glory
Or re-wording an old number
Often you would cringe
At the terrible team blunder
They then discovered rap
Led by John Barnes of Liverpool
Once that craze started off
Everyone apart from him looked a fool
It was almost the death knell
For songs about going to Wembley
And basking in the special day
Attempting to get some cup glory.

(Makes you wonder where those songs went to. Looking back at a special Top of the Pops 2 the other day, there were some awful efforts though. Key line: "In the cup for Totting-ham!" for example.)


Time for a change
Time for something new
To evaluate where I am
And what I want to do
Do I want to stay where I am
And see if I can progress
Or maybe it's somewhere else
That can use my prowess
It's a difficult decision
And one I don't take lightly
But it has to be right
And it has to be for me
I need to be more selfish
And look after myself more
Maybe something will inspire me
To look at that exit door
Through which another one opens
Where I'll end up doing myself proud
But will feel differently about it
And a feeling whch is getting loud
Inside my mind and inside my head
As I wrestle with the change
A new way of thinking
And time for life to re-arrange.

(So, a difficult decision in future: do I stay, or do I go and embrace change?)


Sometimes I want to be left alone
And just be able to disappear
For a while to have my thoughts to myself
With no one else around me here
That often gets more difficult
The more people feel that they need me
In order to offer my worldly advice
That helps them do their own duty
However I too need time for myself
And I think it's often overlooked
That my know how is only so much
And my brain does often get cooked
Attempting to be the master of it all
When I'm juggling what I need to do
It makes me feel somewhat humbled
But it also makes me feel blue
That I just want to disappear away
And be on my own for a while
So that I can feel I have my own thoughts
And come back positive with a smile.

(I think in an odd way we do all need that alone time, but it's how you get it and how you need it without upsetting people, always difficult that is.)