Poetry - June 2013

Crossing the Bridge

Leaving Plymouth and the docks behind
The Brunel structure appears in the distance
Crossing it means I'll be in Cornwall again
And I'll feel the serene calm of being there
It's an engineering masterpiece of history
You can feel that underneath you
As the train slowly wends its way along
With the boats on the river Tamar below
And the cars speeding along the road bridge
Only make you feel even more relaxed
As at a slower pace you head on to the bridge
And look in the distance for where you're going
Crossing to Saltash station as you do so
It's the last leg of your wonderful journey
As you look back from the train window you see
The wonders of the Royal Albert Bridge.

(It's symbolic for anyone travelling by train to Cornwall that Isambard Kingdom Brunel's Royal Albert Bridge serves as the border - crossing it Westward towards Saltash means you're in Cornwall, and that's a beautiful thing all told)

Carbis Bay Calm

The stillness of the night sky
Touches your heart like no other
As the last train wends its way back
From St Ives and its soft tones
Of the wheels running on the track
Breaks the almost near silence
As you sit and admire the view
Of the bay and the beach below you
It's a steep way down but yet it feels
As if you're in the safest place anywhere
As the gentle waves crash to the shore
The late night romantics walk along
You just sense that your Summer is here
Enjoying the time away from it all
And the gentle softness of the night
Gives way to absolute peaceful calm.

(I could have sat in the apartment that we stayed in Carbis Bay in Cornwall all night admiring the view and the peaceful calm feelings around me.)

Seagull Trauma

I'm walking along the promenade
With my ice cream in my hand
I see out of the corner of my eyes
A seagull just about to land
It sees what I have and makes a swoop
Trying to prise it away from me
I'm ready and shy away more inland
Knowing what a pest is here before me
I've seen the seagull take a pasty
Right out of the hands and away
As they were enjoying their Cornish lunch
Until the pesky seagull had its own way
I just want them to leave me alone
As I enjoy my idyllic week on holiday
Can someone please stop feeding them?
That'll make them go away.

(If there was one thing I'd change about Cornwall, it's the pesky seagulls who are lethal.)

Wine on a Wednesday

Sitting on the balcony
With the sun in my face
Knowing that a glass of wine
Will slow down my life's pace
Walking around the vineyard
Seeing how the wine is made
Made me feel like fancying a glass
But not even with some lemonade
As we sit at the table with the vines below
Enjoying our peaceful drink
Being away from all of life's stress
And not having time to think
But instead in midweek sipping the grapes
That really come into their own
As the Camel Valley Vineyard wine
Tastes so beautifully grown
If I could have sat here all day
I'd have been tempted to do that instead
Because the rosé and the white
Were just as good as the red.

(If you are in Cornwall, it's a must that you visit the Camel Valley Vineyard!

Beach Haiku

Sitting on the beach
The seal heads past on its own
All so calm right here.

(A Friday afternoon on the beach with just a lone seal for company as I paddle in the sea, and The Love In My Heart with me on the beach. What more could I ask for?)