Poetry - June 2012

Three Magic Minutes

My friend and I were at the Etihad Stadium
With our heads in our hands in despair
Manchester City were losing 2-1
And the title was going to go over there
To the rivals across the way in Stretford
Who would milk it at every chance they had
Telling us that we'd bottled it at the end
And their twentieth title would make them glad
But then a glimmer of light on the horizon
As Edin Džeko scores with a header
The players rush back to the touchline
Not long left, but maybe a hope for something better?
The crowd are lifted and cheer on the boys
Pushing them on to try and go for the dramatic
Each time the ball was cleared nails were chewed
And inside my stomach I was feeling pretty sick
The ball was played forward by Nigel de Jong
Sergio Agüero picked it up and passed it forward
Mario Balotelli was challenged but laid it off
And Agüero was pushing forward and onward
He got the ball and skipped past the defender
The crowd got up with baited breath
And then he slammed it home in the bottom corner
And it was case of we'd gone and won it - at the death!
I went mental as did my friend and everyone else
We couldn't believe what we'd just seen
Three magic minutes of football that showed
That this Manchester City were together as a team
We had won the title and snatched it away
From those who dared to gloat in red
The way we won it just makes it so much sweeter
And even with no beer, I had a very sore head
Celebrating the victory afterwards as Vincent Kompany
Stepped forward to lift the Premier League title
And we can both proudly say that we were there
To see those three magic minutes in full.

(I still can't believe it sometimes - and to be there - absolutely awesome.)

Birthday Month

I can't complain one little bit really
My 40th birthday turned into a month of celebration
From the actual day and being in Masham
And touring the Black Sheep Brewery in the rain
To then spending time with family and friends
With a nice meal on the Saturday night
And the day after seeing Manchester City
Do the business so dramatically and so beautifully
All of that was wonderful in itself
And then there was the holiday in Nice
As we headed to Cannes and Villefranche-sur-Mer
And the small matter of the Monaco Grand Prix
Which was another lifetime ambition fulfilled
Oh, and the extra AV gear I bought for my rig
With all the gift vouchers everyone got me as a present
It just made the whole month brilliant
And it's just a shame that it's all over.

(What a month I had - so many wonderful memories all crammed into it and something I'll remember for a long long time.)

Monaco Grand Prix

My dream became a reality
As at long long last I would be
At the place I idolised on the telly
Where the best drove so brilliantly
On the Saturday qualifying we had
Such a lovely time at the Mirabeau
With the food, the wine and the beer
In a constant and steady flow
As we watched the action unfold during the day
Seeing all the cars race by so close
It was a different experience being there
And one that I'm so glad that I chose
Walking the track at night brought it home
That I was fulfilling my lifetime dream
Even if getting back was a nightmare
It made me more determined it would seem
To have a relaxing Sunday at the Hotel de Paris
Watching the race from the terrace there
And having a sumptuous buffer lunch
With the noise, the smell and the atmosphere
The cars raced around under close control
And it all was going by so quickly
The rain threatened to come down and it did
Which made the last few laps tricky
It gave me more respect for what they do
Not making a mistake on the track
Or the armco barriers they would hit
With an almighty thud and a whack
We enjoyed the whole weekend of racing
And I was glad I did the hospitality
Just to make the whole thing more special
And I do want to go back - we'll see
Even if it was on the rocher clinging on
Seeing a glimpse of my Grand Prix glory
It would be a wonderful weekend I'm sure
And very much a part of my life story.

(The whole weekend was just - wow. I can't even begin to tell you how good it was.The pictures might.)

Topless Sunbathers

Walking on the beach and finding a spot
So that we could sunbathe and relax today
The sun was out and the weather was hot
People were paddling in the sea all day
One thing we both noticed was the attitude
Of those who weren't afraid of their body
Either lay on the beach or frolicking in the sea
With their tops off and for everyone to see
Not a care in the world had some ladies
As they were happy to flaunt their breasts
Getting an all over tan if they so wanted to
But also feeling relaxed and feeling their best
It wasn't anything sexual or arousing either
But just natural and part of the culture here
That made for a relaxing Monday afternoon
Sitting on the beach with a cold beer.

(The European attitude to being on the beach is so markedly different from the UK, especially in terms of being much less prudish, I think.)

Sardine Haiku

All crammed in the train
The last service back to Nice
Please just get me there!

(It was rather crammed to say the least and no thanks to a local SNCF strike on the trains for making it one of the most horrible journeys ever.)