Poetry - June 2011

Thirty Five Years Of Hurt Is Over

All my life as a Manchester City fan
I've seen the years and seasons come and go
But I was only four when we won the League Cup
And since then it's been a no trophy show
Valiant attempts to get to Wembley
Like the FA Cup final in 1981
That promised so much but were false dawns
Within two years our top flight status gone
I was used to the yoyo effect we had
Up then down, and then up and down again
It did nothing for my nerves but I remained a Blue
Knowing one day we'd win something again
And the season before last I thought we might
Manage to get our hands on some silverware
But denied in the semis by our local rivals
That really hurt and I just hurt without a care
So when it came to be the semi final
This year in the FA Cup
I know that I wanted us to win so badly
And make a typical City balls up
You can imagine my unbridled joy
Having seen us get to the cup final
Knowing that if we didn't win it
Then this victory would really mean nil
Win though we did and Yaya Toure scored again
Leaving us to lift a trophy at long last
Thirty five years of hurt to an end
And putting behind all of that troubled past
I don't know when we'll win something again
But I'm just so happy to see
City have their name engraved on the FA Cup
And that pleases me immensely.

(If you thought I was happy winning the semi final, you can imagine me when we won the FA Cup final. The phrase "back of the net" doesn't even come close!)

Rain On The Parade

They've won their nineteenth title
And got to Wembley
For the Champions League final
Where Barcelona won easily
It's no disgrace to say that
As the form that Barcelona were in
I don't think any one would have run them close
Let alone them think about the win
But it meant a damp squib to their parade
And as Monday morning loomed
The heavens opened with Mancunian rain
Adding to their feeling of gloom
Some fans braved it out and credit to them
For seeing their players with their trophy
But many others used it an excuse
As the rain on the parade scared too many.

(Amazing what a bit of Mancunian weather can do to a parade really. Fair play to the Man Utd fans who did come out, but you have to wonder where the rest were.)

Noise Annoys

You're trying to sleep at night
You'd really like some peace and tranquility
But all you can hear is constant noise
Which really does start to annoy
During the day it's all very well
To be loud and brash and up the sound
But when they can be heard three doors down
They should think about those around
What if you wanted to try and sleep
And couldn't because of the noise
I'm sure that some of you would complain
That the constant interruption annoys.

(Noise does annoy, particularly if you're woken up at 3am.)

Acronym Central

It's an increasing trend where I work
And indeed where other people work too
That there'll be plenty of acronyms
Which describe the department - what they do
You get all buzz words thrown in there
Which seemingly make no sense at all
And whatever it does to you as a worker
It simply drives you up the wall
No one cares what your three letters mean
They just want to know if you're the one
That can help them in their situation
But too late - another acronym has come!

(It's such an obsession now. Stop it, I say.)

Chatsworth Haiku

It's so beautiful
I wish I could move in here
And live like the rich

(I can wish, but the place is stunning. Go if you can!)