Poetry - June 2010

The First Rule Of Being Team Mates

You drive for the same team in F1
You've got there because you're competitive
You know your way round all the tracks
Even the ones you find repetitive
But the first rule of being in a team
No matter how much you think you're great
Is that you race hard and that you race fair
But most of all don't take off your team mate
The circus headed to Istanbul Park
On a warm day late in May
It was one team versus another at the front
Something just had to give way
So when Sebastian went for the lead
And took Mark with him as he span out
It made you wonder just if they'd ignored the first rule
And whether they'll now get on or fall out.

(First rule of being team mates, as the great Murray Walker would say, is "don't take each other off" - try telling that to Sebastian Vettel as he was clearly at fault for pulling a move on Mark Webber and colliding with him.)

Proud As A Peacock

Walking around the grounds of Castle Howard
The peacock stands so proud and tall
With the beautiful blue plumage and long feathers
It's a sight that is held beautiful by all
The peacock goes about walking around the grounds
As if no one was actually there
We may stand and look at the blue-fronted bird
But in fact they just don't seem to have a care
It's a sense of pride of belonging to the house
And making the estate their own little home
They may walk around as they please
And have the freedom they like to roam
Standing proud in the tree or on the ground
Showing everyone just how to look so good
It's a lesson in being so proud of who you are
That we all need to take heed from - we should.

(The peacocks in Castle Howard certainly weren't bothered about visitors and just stood proud and tall as if to say "I was here first!")


The results come in thick and fast
As endless coverage goes on through the night
I couldn't be bothered seeing all that go on
I knew that in my heart of hearts it would not work
It was a case of no one having enough
So that they could win outright and gain power
All that I knew was that my seat didn't change hands
It was the same old story here where I live
Nothing seemed to change for days
As endless talks seemed to be going on
No one also seemed to care about what was happening
Until there was a resolution and a swift move
It was a case of those days being so long
With everything being so well Parlimaentary hung
That it was hard to see the news making way for anything
And the endless coverage got me oh so bored.

(Hmm.. days and days of no decision, and then it all changed as the Con-Dem (as they call it) coalition takes place. Interesting times ahead, that is for sure..)

Thank You Very Much

There has been two years for me of
Happiness, because of someone special
And that makes me feel very happy
No misery and no pain, just joy
Knowing how I feel is just so lovely
You can't understand how much it means to me
Only myself and herself know what it is
Unlike any other time I've had with someone
Various times of being away and together
Excellent times we've had, and spent
Really don't believe it's happening to me at times
You do know how special you are to me, don't you?
My heart skips a beat whenever I talk to you
Unbelievable is how I feel when I'm with you
Can't belive how lucky I am right now to
Have you as the woman I adore and love.

(Sometimes you need to write a different sort of love poem. This is one of them.)

How To Destroy Angels Haiku

Nine Inch Nails are gone
Trent's doing stuff with his wife
And brooding it is too.

(If you've not listened to it yet, check out the How To Destroy Angels' free digital EP. You won't regret it.)