Poetry - June 2008

A Gig On My Birthday

I always wanted to go to a gig
On my birthday for a change
I felt it would be my natural habitat
And I wouldn't have to re-arrrange
Any of my plans that I'd made
And so I booked the train
First class so I could treat myself
Without the standard class pain
I headed on down to London
To see the man Pete Green
Do his wonderful acoustic pop show
That made my birthday serene
Everyone there made me feel lovely
And that's how birthdays should be
Maybe I'll have to think of hosting a gig
For when my birthday turns forty?

(Another of those little ambitions done - going to a gig on my birthday, which was just really good to do - especially as it was one of my current favourites. Take a bow Pete!)

Nil Points

You sing your heart out to the crowd
As the UK's Eurovision entry
But you know full well that you won't win
Because the UK has friends less than three
Each country's phone vote is read out
Everyone's friends get the maximum twelve
But most of the songs that win are rubbish
And don't have much life on the CD shelf
Maybe the UK should pull of of this facade
Because clearly it's not a showcase for music
In fact the way that everyone votes tactically
Makes me frankly tired and sick
I'd give the whole sorry show nil points
Just like Norway used to get
Except now even they don't anymore
Because of the Scandinavian voting set.

(Okay, I grant you, the UK's entry wasn't that good, but it certainly wasn't last place material. Honestly, Eurovision is a farce now and I refuse to watch it.)

Leave Our Sven Alone!

If you've been a Manchester City fan
It's been a pretty good season, all told
We played some attractive football
And won home and away against the enemy of old
But now there's instability at the club
As no one knows the manager's position
And if he left us to manage Mexico
There would be howls of derision
I don't want him to be interfered with
Sven is doing a pretty good job
And those that seek to cause the uncertainty
Would be called by the local Mancs as a knob
So hey, Thaksin, leave our Sven alone
Let him build a winning team
It took Sir Alex four years to do so over the way
And eventually fulfil their European Cup dream
You can't perform miracles overnight
And certainly not when targets were attained
All it's leaving is a sour taste in the mouth
And Sven plus the fans all disdained.

(I just wish that Sven-Göran Eriksson would be left to get on with managing Manchester City...)

Rip and Replace

Rip out the old
Replace with the new
Make things fresh
Avoid the colour blue
Take out the old
Trash them to recycle
Get out the compound
Make the floor more level
Lay down the tiles
Like laying down the law
So there is now smoothness
On that kitchen floor
Start to plumb the new sink
And put the units in
Build it up from bottom to top
It'll be done in a spin
Everything's now complete
And it looks all shiny and new
Now going into my kitchen
Doesn't make me feel so blue!

(That was pretty much how the new kitchen went in - and it looks rather ace it has to be said.)

Don't Want To Go Home Haiku

Don't want to go home
Having such a lovely time
Don't want it to end.

(Any time you have a nice night out, this is what you should think..)