Poetry - June 2007

Through The Darkness There Is Light

I wish I could see through the darkness
That is sometimes the corners of my life
They draw themselves in towards me
Knowing that my aloneness is my strife
But I can never give in to the darkness
Because if I do then I'm not going to be me
And I refuse to let anything get on top of my life
I won't let it lie: I will never ever let it be
As long as I can see the light
At the end of the tunnel of the section of my being
Then I know that I'll never be blinded
By the warmth of being me that I'm seeing
And if I need a torch I will ask for one
Because I have to be my own guiding light
To be self-sufficient when facing the darkness
Is something that makes me whole world bright
And sometimes I know I can be insular
Because it's the only way that I can cope
But the light is always there to carry me
And provide me with happiness and hope.

(I'm feeling a bit reflective - as you might have gathered.)


Leaving Chester behind on the bus
It seems to vanish with minimal fuss
As I head over the border into North Wales
I imagine just how long this journey entails
As I see the old swing bridge at Queensferry
Down the road towards Connah's Quay
Before rising up the hill to Holywell
And towards the coast road all is well
I see the holidaymakers down at Talacre beach
And the open top bus within their reach
Before too long I've made it to Rhyl
Where my young holidays were such a thrill
I get off the bus and walk towards Towyn
Thinking of holidays that were once been.

(One hour and fifty minutes by bus between Chester and Rhyl - it really does go scenically there but it works really well.)

Don't Meddle With The Floyd

Everyone praises The Dark Side of the Moon
The leading "The" is important, the proper fans will swoon
But there's so many people who like Pink Floyd
And what I might say might make them annoyed
But to be truthful the album that made them great
Was two before The Dark Side, that sealed their fate
As a progressive rock band that had moved on
From Syd Barrett's impending madness that had gone
When you hear the opening instrumental of One of Those Days
You know that there's genius in the way the band plays
Throughout side one you know there's quality
And songs you can even sing along to in key
But the coup de grace is hidden away on side two
The single track Echoes is a journey that you really need to do
As the opening ping makes its appearance and allows you to listen
Then the twenty plus minutes swell and glisten
You realise you're dealing with prog rock at its best
And thirty plus years on this album still passes the test
So if you ever ask me which Pink Floyd album I love
I tell them Meddle, not pander to the masses from above.

(I don't care what people say - it's true. No Meddle, No "The Dark Side of the Moon". End of.)

Get This Rubbish Off

I'm bored already five seconds in
I'm completely sick of Davina
I'd much rather watch The Apprentice
As I prefer Alan Sugar's demeanour
I just don't want to switch to Channel 4
There's something on there I hate
It just doesn't appeal whatsoever
And I wish it was taken off before it's too late
I don't care about what they've done in the house
I don't care about any of them
Those who watch such crap are so gullible
They need to feel watch the humdrum
Well I'm not going to watch such pathetic souls
The whole thing doesn't interest me
Can't the television channels invest in quality
Rather than endless pathetic reality TV?

(Big freaking Yawn. Simple as.)

Two Miles and Nothing But Armco

Monaco or bust
Every driver dreams to win
It's their best Grand Prix
Up to Saint Devote
Going up to Massenet
To Casino Square
Head to Miranbeau
Down the hill to Grand Hotel
It's a steep hairpin
Right at Portier
Into the darkened tunnel
Out into the light
Round the port chicane
Now a flick into Tabac
Round the swimming pool
Slow for La Rascasse
Only thirty we can go
It's a tight corner
Now for the last right
At Antony Noghes corner
Head down the pit straight
Which is not a straight
Just a long flowing corner
But here we finish
All the time they race
Have to avoid the Armco
It's everywhere
Seventy eight laps
Of intense concentration
Monaco or bust!

(And if only McLaren didn't issue team orders....)