Poetry - June 2006

Italia 1990

We got so near an yet so far
With our main striker Gary Lineker
We had a team who battled and gave their all
They'd never say die and would never ever fall
So often that they'd have their backs to the wall
But every time they'd excite and enthrall
With the last minute goal against Belgium
That made me jump up and down so much for fun
And in the quarters against the Cameroon
Gary Wineker was the headline and our tune
But then it was the Germans in the semi final
And even though we battled, we went down 1-0
But Lineker scored to get us back in the game
And the way they celebrated, they all would exclaim
Showing pride and passion like the team should now
The sheer clenching of the fist and "YES" they'd vow
And then there were Gazza's awful crying ills
As the final if we'd reached it would be without his skills
But the penalties were missed and we'd be going home
But not before showing appreciation for Bobby Robson.

(With all the hype about this World Cup, back to 1990 and the days when I'd wear the shirt and play World in Motion religiously before every game.)


There's one thing he loves about her
It makes his day so wonderful
Is that when she opens her mouth
And her smile just beams so wide, he says
"It makes me know I'm okay
And that you're so happy too
And it's what makes you beatiful
And to fall in love with you."

(Yeah yeah, I know. It's soppy. But I can't help myself from writing the romantic stuff sometimes.)


A hot and humid summer night is upon me
And I just can't manage to lie down
And be comfortable in my surroundings
The closeness is just not what I want
I turn over and over and roll around in bed
Thinking of anything that would make me sleep
But there's nothing that can be done right now
I'm too awake, I'm too hot, I'm too bothered.

(Only snag for me with the summer: I don't sleep well. At all.)

Don't Give A Toss About Big Brother

They're all so desparate
To get their moment of fame
And I can't be arsed.

(Says it all - a little haiku in a nutshell.)

What Is The World Coming To? (part 2)

All for one and the one is that company is apparently the new way forward
Breakdowns in negotiations are apparent these days left right and centre
Callous people who just want everything for themselves because they can
Don't think about the ordinary likes of you and me who struggle on in life
Exxon are one such company well known who use their power badly
Forcing the likes of Presidents to be given their dirty monty
Guilty as sin of actually causing so much damage that they can see
Hope springs eternal that many people get so sick of their tactics
I for one would love to see them struggle because of the damage they do
Just one thought: why does everything have to revolve around a car?
Killing people, killling innocent lives by their mindless SUV pollution
Losing all track of reality as their car burns more fuel and ozone
Mindless people who just want to be the biggest showoffs in their big car
Not thinking about the fact that their oil is causing us all to be worse off
Of course you could argue that if companies can be so selfish so can we
Put it another way, all for one, and that one if me
Quite how we've reached that point in life is something I'm not happy with
Resist! Fight! Anger! Ignite! Be someone who actually cares
Somehow if we all pull together we can achieve so much together
That the world has to listen to what we've got to say out there
United we stand together in our repulsion for those who damage our earth
Vitriol and the relevant measures will be coming their way big time
We are sick of thinking about what'll happen to us in fifty years time
Xenophobes to the core because of everyone else's selfishness
You see, now is the time to start turning our earth around for us all to live
Zoos of humans, otherwise, that's all we'll end up being.

(A less random rant to get more of my environmental message across.)