Poetry - June 2005

Where Did Summer Go?

A few days close to the May Bank Holiday
And I feel the sun on my forehead
The temperature is rising nicely and it's breathable
And the ice cream salesmen are doing a roaring trade
Yet everyone seems to know what will happen next
That it's only a blip and what's on the horizon isn't good
And sure enough a grey cloud storms forth
As we go back to work and get soaked wet through.

(I know the weather people are predicting a heat wave, but it sure doesn't feel like Summer today, even if it is supposedly the first day of it.)

I Want To Pogo But I'm Too Old

I see a great band
They're really rocking the house
And I want to rock with them
I still wish I could do air guitar
I really wish I had long hair to shake
And I so would want to go mental
But the truth is although I want to pogo
I know I'm too old to be bouncing around
As much as I'm really still into music
And as much as I definitely want to enjoy myself
I know I can't look a complete nonce
Despite my feet tapping along with the drums
And my mouth belting along the words at times
There's something that holds me back
And says that I'm too old to pogo
But hey, I'm still young to die.

(I really wanted to go doolally on Friday 27th May when I saw Hooker, but alas I just felt too old and stupid to really get going. Still, they rock.)

From Despair To Delight In Forty Five Minutes

Half time looms and everything seems so lost
Three nil down and the defending has really cost
But inside the manager brings you renewed hope
That if you really go at the opposition they won't cope
Six minutes in and a header makes it only three one
And a couple of more goals would make it more fun
Two minutes later a belting shot from the right
And it's now three too to the manager's delight
Then a run, and a foul, the ref awards a penalty
You strike it, keeper saves, you score the rebound for three-three
The impossible now seems more possible by the minute
As the fans sing full pelt you know the sky could be the limit
Extra time dawns forth and throughout those extra moments
The keeper decides to be inspired and no one laments
So on to the penalty shoot out and it's Grobelaar type antics
But it seems to work as the opposition can't even hit between the sticks
Victory is yours, the champions of Europe no less
And then it's back home on an open top bus, I guess
Just think of the inspiration you've given many a football fan
The impossible still happens occasionally, and happen it can!

(If I didn't watch the Liverpool - AC Milan final for myself, I thought it'd have been a dream. But it wasn't. Well done to them!)

I Need The Loo, by Paula Radcliffe aged Thirtysomething

The bladder is weakening by the minute
I need to go to the toilet right now
But I have another six miles or so to run
And the whole world is watching me
I wonder what I can do to make it so far
But if I stop and crouch everyone will panic
They'll call me a quitter like they did in Athens
But I really need to go right now
So I squat down while hopefully no one can see
And after around fifteen seconds I'm back on the run
Only later can I explain my call of nature
And then be fined by the local council!

(There are some things you didn't need to see live. This was one of them in the London Marathon this April.)

Manchester, Nothing To Answer For

Manchester may rain
Still miles better than London
Where it smells so bad.

(Biased? Moi?)