Poetry - June 2004

Inspiration Equals Perspiration

I step on to the machine
Time for a five minutre drill
One to see how far I can get
I push and pull forwards
And backwards like a madman
And still I try to beat the distance
I lose control of my feet
As my arms start to ache so badly
But this a barrier I'm going to break
No pain, no gain, or so they say
Until I row for home in the final minute
And clock up another personal best.

(Dedicated to my V-fit Helios HR3.)

Barry Bethell, So Much To Answer For

He was the big mouth
Who used to have a big belly
But supposedly a milkshake changed that
As he became the first advocate
Of a plan known as Slim-Fast
And everyone followed like lemmings
In the belief that a chocolate shake
Supposedly nutritious and full of vitamins
One for breakfast, one for lunch
And then a proper dinner, supposedly
Would really do the job of losing weight
They wanted to be so like Barry
But they were all fooled by the adverts
Barry, did he really exist?
And if he did, then I have one thing to say
He has so much to answer for.

(It doesn't work. Only a proper calorie controlled diet and lots of exercise does.)

Platform 2, Friday

Head into the station
Destination: Glossop
As I wait for the 1952
I sit on the bench at Platform 2
Wondering what time I'll leave
Whether I'll see myseld arrive in the light
Or if it'll be dark when I get there
And so I can't see the countryside.

(Inspired by a little journey last week or so.)

Even The Mighty Fall Sometime

So it's five out of five for the scarlet Ferrari
With the number one proudly adorning the front
So on to Monaco to try and beat
The record Nigel Mansell set in 1992
And that Schumacher equalled
But like Mansell before him
Schumacher couldn't make it six from six
At least Mansell pushed Senna to the line
In one of the most exciting Grand Prix ever
But in an incident akin to a schoolboy error
Under the safety car he braketested Montoya
And that was it, he hit the wall
Which shows that even the mighty fall
Well, somtimes at least they don't walk tall.

(Of course, that is, until the next race, where normal service was resumed. Still, nice to see that Michael is actually human after all ;)

22nd May 2004

Tonight I saw him
Morrissey, live and back home
And he was awesome.

(Say no more! See my May diary archive for just why.)