Poetry - July 2017

Feeling All Cornish

As I used to head over the Royal Albert Bridge
Over the River Tamar and the border
I knew that I had arrived in Kernow
And they everything in the world was in order
I was in a place in love, and a place that feels mine
A county with countryside and coast
Some of the loveliest views in the country
And a lightness of sky only few can boast
I feel the slower pace of life come upon me
Bringing the pasties to the fore
And as I walk down the hill into Sennen Cove
It's another wonderful place I adore
From the art at St Ives, beer at St Austell,
The fishing villages of Mousehole and Mevagissey
It's the sort of place I feel comfortable in
A place where I really do feel the real me
I can't wait to head back this year
And feel all Cornish as we arrive together
Knowing that our time there will be special
And a time we'll both remember forever.

(Be the first time this year we've not done Cornwall on the train, but I'm sure myself and The Love In My Heart will have a wonderful time whatever we do together. In case you didn't already guess, I love Cornwall.)

Centre Court Queueing

It's Saturday and 1am
A long night in Wimbledon Park
As the first of The Queue arrives
Waiting till Monday is their lark
They want to be at the front
To get one elusive little prize
A chance for a ticket for Centre Court
To see the tennis before their eyes
Camping out in South West London
Is a time when you want the sun to shine
So that you don't get too cold and wet
And so you're entering Monday all divine
You're handed a court tally
And it says Centre Court on it too
The smile that comes upon your face
Seeing the defending champion is true
As more and more join The Queue
Just for a chance to get inside the grounds
On Murray Mound they'll congregate
As they cheer him in the earlier rounds.

(If I had the time spare, I'd consider The Queue as a chance to get a ticket for Centre Court, but it'll be the ballot again for me for next year. It is Wimbledon after all...)

Another Delay

The departure board tells its own story
Yet more cancellations and delays
This is a normal everyday occurrence
If there's a strike or not on the railways
I've had to put up for so long
With the lack of performance on Southern
Which was bad before industrial action
And a managment not fit to govern
Yet it seems that nothing appears to change
Arguments rage between all parties
All we see is passengers as collateral damage
And not seemingly having a voice in all this
Another delay hits as I head home
I wonder when it will all be concluded
As I debate whether relocating might be an option
So I don't have to travel on GTR and be deluded.

(There are some things that get you down - the continuing issues of Southern / Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) are one of them.)

Sitting On The Beach

There's something so romantic
As being sat on a beach together
Arm in arm as the sun sets slowly
Seeing the day close in lovely weather
The red sky of the shepherds' delight
As the horizon dims into darkness
The feeling of togetherness upon you
The skies turn to stars, no less
I feel so alive and so together here
As the skies fade out of the light
Being in one of my favourite places
With the woman I love feels so right
There's a sense of belonging
A sense of the beach being ours
And we just cuddle up all together
For what seems like hours.

(There's something lovely about being sat on a beach late at night - chances to do that in Cornwall too...)

Paddington Haiku

Paddington, the bear
Says goodbye to Michael Bond
A nod of his hat.

(I felt really sad to hear Michael Bond, the creator of Paddington bear had died. I went along to Paddington Station and paid my respects at the statue of the bear...)