Poetry - July 2015

The Nineties Are Back

A reminisce of TFI Friday
Complete with the same acts
All your comeback tours
With some of your favourite bands
They'll be resurrecting The Word next
Inflicting Terry Christian on your screen
Adding a second dose of Britpop
Real bands that don't need to scream
It seems odd how it's all in cycles
From one gone era to the next
Where the original days had no phones
And no meaning of the words to text
Maybe it was better back then
With the music being the groove
That kept the nation as one
Despite the politics being less than smooth
So as I look back from my twenties
And see a new generation taking note
It was obviously better first time around
But still, I live in hope.

(How these things do go in circles by the way. Honestly, I can see plenty more 1990s stuff making a massive return back to the screens and to gigs too.)

Overpriced and Over Here

So yes there is the experience
Of a few days camping in a tent
With plenty of others beside you
Planning their own momentous event
But underneath all that experience
I fear things have gone so corporate
With a real sense of the telly taking over
And things just being a little too late
It's not about who you're going to see
Working out your own little plan
But seeing if you can get down the front
And be one act's greatest fan
Too much money before you get there
And too much money during it all
Seeing the Tory voting masses at Castle Cary
Makes you wonder why you're here at all.

(Kind of wish that Glastonbury would end up going back to the event it once was - way too corporate now sadly. Even more sad is that according to a survey, a high percentage were all Conservative voters too. Hmm..)

The Pride of Lionesses

The FIFA World Cup is on
But it's not the overpaid blokes this time
But instead the women with attitude
Who want to show that they're in their prime
Against France it all looked so edgy
With them wanting to defend so well
Sadly Eugénie Le Sommer scored
And the victory wish turned to hell
But undeterred the Lionesses roared back
With a Saturday night win over Mexico
Followed with a win against Colombia
And to the knockout stages they would go
They sang the national anthem chest out
And with the real sense of lionesses' pride
It gave you goosebumps as they played
Showing their really determined side
A goal down against Norway they were
But the captain roared a header back
And when Bronze struck gold with a belter
The Lionesses were on the attack
Twenty three against a whole nation
As Canada lied in wait next match
But Jodie Taylor powered her shot home low
With the roar of the crowd silenced, natch
They showed so much determination to win
It reminded me of the men's side 1990
When they played as a team and got so far
And didn't take their opposition lightly
This pride of Lionesses have done us all proud
And showing the real worth of women's football
So for those who dare to decry their name
They simply know sod all.

(Written after the quarter final World Cup win against Canada. Even if they end up in fourth place, it's still a mightily impressive performance from the Lionesses)

So This Is Me Now

So this is me now
Forty three and not feeling old
In somewhat of a crossroads
When it comes to the career
But at the same time I can't complain
Everything else is pretty good
I have good friends and family
And a woman I love so dear
So this is me now
Ageing hopefully disgracefully
Not caring what everyone else thinks
Because it doesn't matter to me
What does matter is how I feel inside
With my heart in the right place
And my head usually thinking a lot
Showing the way forward for me.

(A quick summing up I suppose)

How Much Further Is It?

You're on a long car journey
To your holiday destination
And at every motorway junction
It seenms to be getting no nearer
So you shout out from your back seat
'Dad, How much further is it'
Your father tells you it's only
A few miles this way and that
But you've travelled for hours
And you've seen countryside pass by
You wait five minutes and ask again
'Awww, how much further is it
I'm getting cramp sat here!'
Of course you get no sympathy
You don't have to drive this car
All this way to your destination
But you continue to wait and fidget
And keep asking the same question!

(We've all done this on family holidays in the car.. haven't we?)