Poetry - July 2014

Le Tour de Yorkshire

The crowds assemble by the road
As the peloton heads towards Harewood House
To witness the grand départ of the historic race
And where two wheels meets history
Over the weekend many locations are seen
From the cobbled streets in Haworth
To the mountainous climb up Holme Moss
Taking in the tree lined streets of Harrogate
And passing through many villages on the way
With riders enjoying the different scenery
And the way that the crowds lined all the climbs
With their horns blaring and their loud cheering
It's up the hills and down the Yorkshire Dales
As the peloton heads towards Sheffield
With the côte de Jenkin Road, the last painful climb
One in three it reaches as they head to the top
Two days of pure pleasure in Yorkshire
Seeing the finest cycling race in the world
And doing the whole country proud
With the enthusiasm for the greatest race.

(One of my friends went to the Tour de France as it headed through Yorkshire, as did my brother, and they both said it was an experience to be there. I can imagine from seeing the massive crowds everywhere on the telly - it was a special weekend and full of moments.)

Seven Hours of Bliss

You can't always call a long train journey
Everyone's idea of Summer fun
But I know for me it's heading somwhere
To the far South West and my holiday's begun
As the train heads further down I can see
The sunshine beaming brightly by the window
And the cold drinks being enjoyed by me
Heading to Bristol - still a way to go
The scenery gets pretty through Somerset
And beyond Exeter you're right next to the sea
Hugging the walls at the repaired track in Dawlish
Before heading inland through Devon (minus cream tea)
Then the sight of the Royal Albert Bridge is there
And you cross slowly over the River Tamar
Beyond it is the border and into Cornwall
Knowing now that you've come so far
Through country lanes and small towns you head
As the sun shines brighter in the afternoon
Reaching the view of the sea at Hayle
You know you'll be at your destination really soon
And as I head off the train at the last stop in Penzance
I feel invigorated with absolute happiness
As the week of my relaxation has now begun
And the journey there is seven hours of bliss.

(It may be a long journey, but the trip down to Cornwall somehow seems oh so worth it when you get there, enjoying the beautiful blue skies, the sea, and the feeling of being at one with myself. I love it and can't wait..)

Tunneling Is Not A Bore

A long deep tunneling machine
Is heading beneath you on Oxford Street
Building the newest railway link
With metres of concrete under your feet
Space is tight for the new train line
But yet the feats of engineering are many
Building a precise hole through Tottenham Court Road
Without any risk of flooding or injury
The eye of the needle has been threaded
As the line heads further Eastwards
And the engineers are all proud of what they do
Showing the line will be their rewards
The kit looked fascinating to watch
And probably to use and dig even more
It goes to show that in the right project
The art of tunneling is in fact never a bore.

(It's going to be some feat of engineering having the tunnels go through central London for Crossrail, that's for sure. I think when it's built I might have to give it a go..)

Thinking Too Much

I stop, and I think
I go to sleep and I dream
And think at the same time
I am methodical, and I think
Of a solution to a problem
That is bugging others
I think about my decisions
Whether to buy something
If I can really afford it
I think about everything
And often too much
I can't always be decisive
I have to think onwards
And examine all the what ifs
And all the whys and wherefores
Sometimes I wish I didn't
I think too much
I go into too much detail
And that can stop me
From getting where I want to be.

(I over-analyse everything and sometimes I wish I could be more calculated in what I do..)

Countdown Conundum

The consonants and vowels come out
Each making a random set of nine
The thirty seconds on the clock play
With the head as you think of words
An anagram of the letters you have
As you search for the elusive word
It'd be great if you could get a nine
And show Susie Dent in Dictionary Corner
That you're a master of wordplay
Then it's on to the numbers
You pick two large ones to make it hard
Calculating the pluses and minuses
To get to the total you want to be at
Making Rachel Riley gasp in amazement
As you reach a difficult figure
With the simplest of ease
Then the conundrum at the end
You have to get it right to win
And the nine letters spell impressed
And that's how you feel when you get it.

(Must admit I love Countdown, but would I go on it? Possibly not..)