Poetry - July 2012

Paying The Penalty

Every major football tournament
It always seems to me
That England will go and lose
On the dreaded penalties
No matter how much we practice
And how much we try
It's always out on penalties
And that just makes me cry
We tried to break the habit
By being panned in the World Cup
But we've got through to the Euros
And not a hope of winning, but
We make it through the group stage
And face the Azzurri of Italy
We grimly hang on all match
For some hope of a goal that's flukey
We were holding out to try and win
Over five kicks from twelve yards
Of course I knew the outcome
And the manager had laid his cards
When Balotelli scored I knew that was it
Because he usually doesn't miss
And as the English failed to score
Italian hope turned to, for them, bliss
Yet again England lose
Some people claimed it was heroically
But the truth was that until we learn to win
We'll always pay the penalty.

(What is it with England and penalty shoot outs in major tournaments? The shocking thing was holding out for one - why?)

Another Day, Another Debenhams Sale

An email arrives in my inbox
And it comes from a department store
That never seems to want to charge full price
As the sale is back on once more
Each week it seems there's more percent off
The goods that tempt you with lust
To go and use your debit card
Buying everything that you think you must
It seems not a day goes by
Without an email from Debenhams
With yet more blue cross sale
And more further reductions
I can't remember paying full price
For anything I've bought from there
It makes me wonder how they make money
And how much marketing costs they bear.

(Every day - another offer from Debenhams. Honestly!! Think of it as a sequel to a poem I wrote in December 2011.)

Here Comes The Torch

An early Sunday morning it may be
But everyone is up and ready
The torch is coming to pass us by
And I don't want to miss this really
It's been sixty years since the last time
The games were held in our country
And so having the torch relay come so close
Is a real source of happiness and glee
Smiles on the faces everywhere
As eight o'clock draws near
And the golden torch comes into view
And look now everyone, it's here!
The crowds are all cheering like mad
As the runner heads past with the flame
It stops for a moment to change the runner
And more cheers as it heads off again
It felt special to be a small part of all this
Seeing the torch come by and with a feeling
That everyone will get behind the games now
And that makes it all seem more appealing.

(It was wonderful to see the Olympic Torch come by so close to me - and it really was worth the early get up and go for.)

Summer's Gone

Incessant rain one minute
Bright sunshine the next
I can't work out what it's doing
From one minute to the next
It's all confused and mixed up
And I don't know just what to wear
All this talk of a hot Summer
Is just one massive lie, I swear
The Summer happened at the end of May
With scorching temperatures
Now all of June's been all of rain
With plenty of wet adventures
Summer's gone and passed us by
It feels just like a Spring time instead
And that just means it's two months more
Till the Autumn rears its head.

(Anyone else think that one week of scorching May sunshine is all we're going to get?)

Olympic Haiku

The Games will be here
I can't wait to see it all
I'm so excited!

(More so I think as I'm actually going to some of the events....)