Poetry - July 2010

Going Home In Disgrace

Today is the end of your adventure
One that ended in complete failure
No one seemed that bothered to me
As the scoreline turned to torture
You can bleat and protest all you like
About the no goal that was clearly in
But over the games played you were useless
And that's what hurts us all within
You turn up in your flash cars
All fed by the fans of the Premier League
And yet you treat them with utter contempt
As if you're blinded by your greed
Where's the pride gone from the shirt
That you should be so lucky to wear
What happened to the quality you have
Supposedly you just don't care
It pains me as a fan to say this to you
But you're a complete and utter disgrace
Having no regard for the fans or the nation
Let someone else now take your place
Your time has been and gone
Clearly you think you have the power
Didn't like it when you had discipline given
So you ran around like a shower
Thinking you could just turn up and win
When many others wanted to show
That they weren't here to make up the numbers
And prove how far they could go
When you get home from your sunkissed holiday
Remember those who travelled for miles
To watch your abject performances
That gave them anything but smiles
And instead of having a go, Wayne Rooney
Because they felt the need to boo
Maybe you need to see how much you let them down
And how they put their trust in you
And John Terry speaking out and pretending he's the man
Doesn't go down well for team harmony
Affairs of the heart is what you do best in
Maybe concentrating on defending was fallacy?
So let me tell you as over-rated and over-hyped
Players as one: you're not fit to wear
The shirt that so many would give their right arm for
And yes, we as fans have a cross to bear
We don't expect you to beat everyone
But the least we want is pride and passion
We got none of that but laxadiacal performances
That meant you could leave for the sun
It hurts me so much to say this
But when you start next season
You'll be rightly booed by many fans
Who feel so let down by your actions
And when you do, don't spout off to the media
Instead see it from our point of view
You let us all down, each and every one
And leaving the England team is what you should do
Give you place to those that want to play
And fight for glory in the shirt
Maybe then you'll see how pathetic you were
If the new blood end the years of hurt.

(Apologies for this long one, but felt the need to tell it like it is. As far as I am concerned the likes of John Terry and Wayne Rooney are especially not currently fit to wear the England shirt and what do they do? Bugger off on holiday..)

The New Garden

It feels so much better now
To have a little back garden to my house
I can escape for peace and solitude
And it's relatively quiet as a mouse
Before there was an old shed
And it was a real eyesore too
One weekend The Love In My Heart said to me
"Here's what we need to do
We need to take that shed down piece by piece
And get it recycled down the tip
Then we can put some nice stones down
And plant some plants that'll sip
A regular feed of water to grow
And make the place look lovely
Won't you feel better for it
And you can have your own sanctuary?"
She was right, of course, and off we set
And took the old shed right down
It took a few trips to the tip
But I could smile and not frown
As when the stones were laid
I felt like I had a bigger space
And since then I've added plants
And even a table which is ace
So now I have my own little haven
Of tranquility and loveliness
That's all down to someone special
Giving me the incentive to re-dress.

(Thanks so muchly to The Love In My Heart who's encouraged me to transform my back garden, sort of like this.)

Drum Like Crazy

I've always fancied being a drummer
And keeping the beat of the band
But I thought that I couldn't play
Be just no co-ordination in my hands
However I felt like I could give it a go
When I got the Guitar Hero drums
And at first it was about learning the beat
And tapping along with my singing hums
Once I got the hang of the basics
I saw if I could do a song through
I found that if I really concentrated
It was something that I could do
Now I often play medium skill
And am able to sometimes get five stars
I might not be the most co-ordinated ever
But at least I feel like I can go a little bit far
I even managed one song on expert
But that wasn't too difficult for me
It was an easy beat and a simple step
Nonetheless, that filled me with glee
I enjoy the drums now, it's cathartic
To let go all the stress of the day
Maybe I'll have to get a real kit soon
And see if I can really play?

(I quite like drumming now, almost as much as guitar on the game - especially on Guitar Hero Metallica..)

DIY Marquee Building

Put pole seven into pole eight
And then another seven at the end
Put the corner piece D in there
And go round and round the bend
As you then put seven eight and ten in
So that forms the short length pole
It's then putting the roof arches on
And getting them in is rigmarole
Then it's put the canvas top on
Before you have to lift the whole thing
To see if you can get pole five underneath
Which will then get in the way of the swing
So you move the whole tent forward
Careful not to miss a bit as you do
But soon it's all up and the panels are on
And just in time as the rain's coming too!

(Ah, the fun of it all. Ahem.)

70-68 Haiku

Eleven hours
The game goes on for ages
And Isner then wins!

(My that was some endurance test, that!)