Poetry - July 2009

H Is For Humid

Heat rises from the ground during the day
Hell it is in the office when there's no air
Humidity gets worse and I start to sweat
Heaven would be an airconditioning unit right now
Hotter and hotter gets this week that's for sure
Heatwave conditions in some part of the country
Hospitals are on full alert in case of fainting
Hot air just circulates around and around
Horrible feeling when you're bathing in sweat
Help is required to keep me cool
High juice is in the fridge with some water
Heaven right now is a nice cold drink!

(I don't mind the nice weather, but when it gets too sticky and unbearable, that's a different matter.)

The Far South West Explorer

Aboard the open top bus we go
As it departs from Penzance centre
Taking the route west along the coast
Along the promenade to Newlyn
It climbs the hills through to St Buryan
Where the church looms large on its own
Then back towards the coast and Porthcurno
And a short walk to the Minack Theatre
Before the bus gets to Land's End
And you're as far as you can go
You stay on the bus as it descends downhill
To the gorgeous beauty of Sennen Cove
Then back along the west to Geevor Tin Mine
And a stop in St Just for Cape Cornwall
It heads along rugged lines to Zennor
And then swoops downhill to St Ives
Where the seagulls chase after your pasties
Then it's leaving there and through St Erth
And down to Marazion and St Michael's Mount
Before heading back on the final run home
It's a nice long journey all the way around
Which shows off the far South West to its best
And I'm sure the next time I'm down that way
I'll see all the sights from the top too.

(The open top 300 bus that goes around the Penwith peninsula in Cornwall all summer - it's just a lovely route to explore and also a really nice chilled out way of seeing all the lovely places. Well worth it.)

I Scream For Ice Cream

Vanilla flavour with all those luscious pods
Or the strawberry one with that lovely sauce
Then there's toffee with some of those pieces
Or a plainer clotted cream variety which is tasty of course
I scream for ice cream right now
As the throat just craves for the sensation
Of the ice cold mixture heading to cool me down
And which will save my chocolate temptation.

(Can't wait to have the clotted cream ice cream again, oh yes. Delicious.)

Up On The Roof

The rain comes down at SW19
And usually play would stop
But not this year due to innovation
And the roof is now on top
So a few minutes is all it takes
For the roof to slide into place
And once the air is all sorted
It feels the atmosphere is just as ace
The girls finish their match under cover
And out comes Andy Murray
His match is epic and ends in lights
Thank heavens he wasn't in a hurry
But he'd have lost a day's rest
If it wasn't for all the panes of glass
So he should be pleased he might even win
Because he was allowed to show his class
It also means one huge positive
No more Cliff Richard singing in the rain
And this means Wimbledon will be better off
Because it won't be delayed again.

(It did feel surreal at first when the glass roof at Wimbledon came over for the first time - but once I got used to the idea it was actually a good thing!)

Summer Holiday Haiku

Can't wait to go out
Off into the sun real soon
For my holiday.

(I can't wait, honest!)