Poetry - July 2006

Death Is Not The End And It Never Will Be

When your loved ones have left your side
You may hurt with so much emotion and pain inside
But at the same time they wouldn't want you to cry any tears
Because you should realise how much over the years
That you made each other happy with your warmth and fun
And that you were the beacon shining upon everyone
And whilst you always considered them so close to you
Nothing could make you happier if everyone saw that too
But at the same time we cannot cry and feel so down
And treat the whole world with suspicion and a frown
Because there's so much in life that they'd want you to do
And they'll always be here right by your side, with you
Death is not the end and it never will be
Because the memories of happiness don't fade, you see
And whilst we have all that happiness to hold on so much
Then just remember they're always with you and keeping in touch.

(For all those who have lost, or may lose. Think of the positives because that's what keeps us all going.)


You have eight people telling you what to do
Never praising, always criticising you
One day you've decided enough is enough
And you want to complain? Oh, that's tough
Because you're being so micromanaged now
That you have to repeat yourself eight times, you vow
To find somewhere else that makes you feel happy
And not just like a toddler needing to change the nappy
As time go by you just accept micromanagement as the norm
And even though you hate it, it's a steady job and you're on form
So when you finally snap and decide to leave it all behind
No one can say that you weren't suffering in kind.

(One manager is enough - I hate places where you feel everyone and their wife are watching what you do.)

I Am Lucky

I know I'm a very lucky person in life
That I've managed to achieve so much with myself
And overcome all the foibles that make me myself
But at the same time I also know it could have been much worse
So when I look back at years to come, what will I think?
I know that I've been really lucky to have parents who care for me
And that the happiness and love they've shown radiate upon me
Which ultimately despite my down times makes me a better person
I'll also think about the times I've loved and the times I've lost
And realised the mistakes that I've made and learned from them
Knowing full well that sometimes you just have to go with instinct
Even if that instinct bites you in the backside there afterwards
But one last thing I'll always think about is how lucky I am
How much my life could have changed if I didn't fight for myself
And where I could be now scares me so much I often wonder
What if I weren't so lucky in my life?

(Deep and personal this, I think sometimes we all forget that we're actually lucky to be here, and if possibly, lucky to have a nice life and things like that. It could be so much different and it's sometimes good to remind yourself of that.)

Addicted To Scrabble

He knows all the two letter words
That will score him fifty points plus
He knows the likes of qi, zo and ox
And even words that you never knew existed
Hours spent playing against a computer
Seeing all the combinations form for each move
Wondering if he can play the same play twice
And learn from the move that he called last time
But when it comes to brain power and knowledge
That's something he has in abundance
And so he can use that common sense to work out
All the possible letters his opponent has left
And knowing this can prove invaluable to win
As he progresses to the next championship round
So at least unlike possibly some other tournaments
England's still represented by a xi.

(I've kind of got back into playing Scrabble lately, perfect to wind down with after a hard day's work.)

Number Seven Haiku

He plays so badly
Yet he still is in the team
And it's down to Sven
Not being strong willed
Enough to drop him benchwards
His form has been so bad
One free kick is good
But where is he otherwise?
Absence of the kind
That if it was me
I'd be called names by the press
Dutifully axed
One day Sven will see
Hopes don't rise on one player
And his trophy wife.

(Will Sven ever drop Beckham? You decide.)