Poetry - July 2004

It's Spitting

The weather seems fine on this hot July day
But you can see a slightly darkened cloud coming your way
And you know that it's going to rain down very soon
As you reach for your umbrella, the heavens open
It starts to gently pour drops on to your brolly
And you realise that you've forgotten your shopping trolley
As you head into the supermarket, you're reminded of school
Where the teachers would try and make you look a fool
The first drop of rain: "it's spitting!" they exclaim
"Quick, everyone in, out from the rain!"
As you head back out with your shopping completely full
You stand by the entrance, waiting for a lull
So you can make it back home without being drenched
But for now, under the veranda, you are entrenched.

(Slightly inspired by a Peter Kay sketch but also my many shopping trips to Asda where it's chucked it down on me. And it's always either just as I get there or just as I leave)

Best Discounts Ever!

"It's time to roll up
For the biggest ever Summer sale
Look at all these bargains
Most items now half price
And many others with 20% off
It's the best time to buy with interest free credit
And interest free for a year, too
Come in and save lots of money!"
Except that isn't the truth, is it?
The clothes are usually something
That you wouldn't be seen dead in
And they're usually a gruesome pink colour
Or the electircal goods are by brands you dislike
And whatever you really want at that time of year
Is never ever knocked down to what you like
So you end up paying normal price anyway.

(Went in one shop yesterday, and half the items in their "summer sale" were the same items in previous sales that they'd had. Go figure eh?)

Everything Runs Out Together

There are some things you buy
That you always run out of simultaneously
And there are also some things you buy
That run out just when you don't want them to
For example, razor blades and shaving gel
Always seem to go at the same time
And then it's the expense of getting them both
Handing over money to your local chemist
And then trhere's the phenomenon of washing powder
And unless you buy a big box, of powder
The fabric conditioner disappears when you don't like either
So you traipse around buying more heavy items
And then there's the mystery
That is the tea, milk or biscuits running out
Or even if you're unlucky, all three at once
And that's not anyone's cup of tea is it?

(Does this happen to you too? I know it does with me - hence me trying to buck the trend with a massive bottle of fabric conditioner. Just have to see what happens now.)

Two Weeks At Wimbledon

So first there's rain
And then there's more rain
And then there's the crowds on the hill
That have only come to cheer on one man
And then the crowds disperse
Once that man has been eliminated
The real fans stay here for the finals
And see a seventeen year old dominate
In the woman's match
And then it's the power versus the style
That is the men's final
But one thing hasn't changed
And that's that that one man will never win the title.

(The 2004 tournament in a nutshell. Or in fact in some cases, every Wimbledon.)

Special Day

One day is special
It's the day you met someone
That you truly loved.

(One day somewhere is special for everyone who's ever been in a relationship. I promise.)