Poetry - January 2018

The Collapsing Carillion

The cranes are a deathly silence
There's only the whistle of the wind
As Carillion goes into liquidation
There's no sign of any life here
The site remains closed off
The fencing a barrier to work
There's no chance of retrieving tools
A place that falls still and black
The night falls and the crane stands
But there's nothing but a sense of death
The fall from grace and a full moon
Signalling the zero existance
It's not as if there wasn't a warning
Profits forecast low, worries ahead
And yet the executives still paid sky high
In almost a fit of flagrant ignorance
The banks pulled out of their shares
The hedge fund prospectors likewise
They had a sense the number was up
Even if the Government didn't seem to
Yet those affected are the everyday person
Who wanted to work hard in their career
It's they who have all the fall out
With everything to lose and fear.

(It's been awful seeing all the fallout from the Carillion collapse, and I hope those who are out of work are able to get something soon..)

Riding The Goblin

Heading across the North and East of London
The Gospel Oak to Barking Line
Is a line which is known as GOBLIN
And riding along it is pretty fine
There's new trains to come too
Which will ease the peak overcrowding
A victim of its own success
Where passengers like the trains they're taking
It wends its way over several main lines
And even skirts around Tottenham too
Before the drop down East London
And Leytonstone and Woodgrange Park too
It finally arrives in Barking
On its own little platform one
Where you can hop on other trains
And an interchange is very simply done
I can see why the line has a following
It's a real sense of getting across the city
Without having to touch that Zone 1
And having the option to travel more freely.

(Thoroughly enjoyed taking a trip on the Gospel Oak to Barking Line (aka GOBLIN) the other day..)


The wind gets up speed
I can simply hear the howling
As it blows around the upper floors
Of the apartment block where I live
All I can hear is the blowing
And the constant howling
As the ferocity of the wind grows
And the trees are swaying quite a bit
It's a case of going to sleep
But thinking what it's like outside
Knowing that travel might be chaos
When I head to work in the morning
The wind really does blow hard
The howling as it swirls around more
It's certainly getting wet and wild
As the January Winter month sweeps in.

(My, when it's windy, it's bloody windy these days! I certainly am glad to be somewhere cosy and warm that is for sure...)

Last Minute Winner

There's something uniquely satisfying
About when you're a football fan like me
And your team scores right at the death
Making you feel so happy
It might have been a tight game
Or one where you didn't really deserve it
And yet when the ball hits the back of the net
You just think all that support was worth it
It's a pure emotion all of its own
As the team manages to swarm forward
Deep into stoppage times
Passing the ball to your centre forward
The ball is struck with suitable aplomb
And is buried past the goalie
It's justice for those who stay to the end
And a massive ha ha to those who left early
My team have a history of doing this
Especially with a certain goal from Agüero
That was the ultimate of all those winners
And showed how much I love my team so.

(We've all had those moments. For me, I always stay to the end - you never know what's going to happen. We've had three or four last minute winners already this season!)

Coconut Coffee Haiku

Costa Coconut
Latte is completely foul
Not one for me, that.

(Tried it, and didn't like it!)