Poetry - January 2017

The World's Strongest Man

Walk with a car on your back
Dead lift a weight above the knee
Throw a keg seven metres above you
And pull the truck as far as can be
Last as long in the Hercules Hold
With the frame carry hurting hands
Then the atlas stones, the icon event
Where you can be World's Strongest Man
Thirty come to conquer
But only one can win the title
With five heats of strength and endurance
And an energy sapping final
Where the battle is mental as well as physical
With the aim to be as fast as you can
If you can get that fifth atlas stone up
You can be World's Strongest Man.

(Always one of the highlights over Christmas and New Year, and with good reason. Nothing like a test of stength on the telly with the likes of the car walk, deadlift and of course the now iconic signature event of the atlas stones..)

Cosy Cats

They love their Dreamies
And look to the cupboard
Then want to have a rest
Sleeping on the sofa
It's waking up and wanting more
With cat food in their dish
A drink of water and a preen later
Then it's all back to sleep
The cycle repeats most days
And then during the night
They'll snuggle up to their owner
And have their own bit of the bed
It's all nice and cosy for them
As the cats love their owner so
And love being fussed over by most
Except me, whom they want to go!

(The Love In My Heart's two cats Jô and Brian really are lovely and cute, although Brian does at least let me fuss over him loads - Jô tends to be far more protective of his Mummy...)

No New Year's Resolutions

I make no New Year's Resolutions
I don't believe in them at all
If I wanted to set my mind to something
It would be at my own beck and call
I can motivate myself when I need to
And be able to do the things when I can
I don't need the first of January
To come up with some form of grand plan
I know that those who make them
On this first day of the year
End up breaking them within a month
And that's not really the idea
So I'll make a resolution when I like
Knowing that I have thought about it first
And not decided it all on a whim
When the clock hits January the first.

(Not a big one for this sort of thing to be honest - motivation for me comes differently..)

Muddled Thoughts

I need to
Feel like I
Can say what
I want to
Say, but it's
Hard as I
Know that I
Don't want to
Hurt any feelings
Or make you
Feel so upset
I know that
It's not the
Easiest thing to
Do when you
Can't think about
How your words
May be interpreted
And that I
Know that you
Have been so
Kind to me
Over a long
Time to come
I know that
I want to
Say something nice
And be the
Right thing to
Say even though
My muddled thoughts
Don't seem to
Be so clear
At this moment.

(We've all had moments where we want to say something to someone, but can't get the words out. And yes, it was intentional having three words on every line..)

Yet More Southern Fail

Another day goes by
Another commute to work ruined
Glancing at the departure board
Dreading the word cancelled
Seeing the trains all delayed
Wondering if you'll get on
Hoping it's more carriages
But seeing it's short formed
It's not the way it should be
But this is a daily thing
It's not a strike day
This is every single day
The inconvenience turns to worry
The worry turns to stress
The stress turns to breakdown
And no one seems to care
It's another mess on Southern Rail
As the disputes are now deadlocked
Meaning more chaos on top of chaos
And the passengers at a loss
It all needs to stop
But there's too much collateral damage
And one which I fear
May be far too much for some.

(It just gets worse on Southern Rail (more like Southern Fail - and I wonder how much more many of us are going to take before it starts getting nasty - I've already witnessed people fighting to get on overcrowded carriages..)