Poetry - January 2015

The Big Comedown

So Christmas is over
And the New Year has arrived
Somehow all the happiness
Has given way to the everyday
The norm hits you in full
As you head back to the office
Everything has come down
What was festive is now cold
And the weather grips in
It doesn't feel as happy now
With so much to do and so little time
But yet you find some solace
In that everyone feels the same
The same emotions inside
As the big comedown begins
And the normality resumes.

(We've all had this, either if you go back to work between Christmas and New Year, or go back on January 2nd (or the 5th in some cases) - it's just that feeling of everything coming down.)

Calm By The Canal

I'm on my way to Cheshire
To walk along the canal
The sixteen locks greet me
As I climb along the towpath
Each one increases in height
As the boats enter each one
The railway bridged over
Now tunnels under at lock four
The climb takes you steeply up
Yet there's a calm peacefulness
Within the still waters and the trees
That makes me feel alive
And somewhat much less stressed
It's an escape from the everyday
And something I adore doing
Not too far away either
As I get to the sixteenth lock
And see the lock house at the top
The view is just one of serenity
And pure unadulterated beauty
Wish I could stay here longer
But I'll back to enjoy the view
As it's something that I can go to see
When I need that time to be free..

(Somehow the Marple Locks canal path just makes for a lovely walk, either downhill or uphill, it has something special about it which I adore. A perfect little way to escape the everyday of the city as well.)


There's many things in life
I'd like to see continuing
So that I can have some stability
And nothing to be ruining
I love the fact I'm in love
With a beautiful woman
And long may that remain constant
Much more happiness and fun
I want to keep on working hard
Getting to where I want to be
Showing that initiative does pay off
And that people do regard me
I'd like to carry on seeing gigs
And enjoying the music I see
But without people talking during the gig
And really annoying me
I'd also spend more time with friends
That really value me a bunch
Their laughter and warmth means a lot
And so does with them Sunday lunch
It's good when good things continue
It makes your life more complete
So let's hope for more of the same
And that I'm not deemed obsolete.

(Sometimes having a good number of constants in your life works wonders.)

Yo Yo

So I try to lose some weight
A mixture of exercise and diet
And all appears to be going well
But Christmas comes along
And I lapse into old habits
Which isn't what I wanted
And doesn't make me feel good
So maybe I'll try again
And force some good habits
But it only seems a matter of time
Before the lapses creep back in
And it is added back on again
I have lost a stone or so at the mo
And that makes me feel better
But I need more motivation
So that it'll stay off me forever
I might yo yo a bit but I know
I want to remain fit and healthy
So that the real me feels more confident
And I become more of me.

(We've all done it, good intentions and then gone to waste. For me cutting out a lot of bread was absolutely key - that's made me lose the stone and keep it off - definitely something in that I reckon.)

Football Haiku

Pass it down the wing
Put a cross to the striker
Back of the net - goal!

(If only all football was so simple eh?)