Poetry - January 2014

Woodgrain Wonder

Being a small child back in the day
Meant technology wasn't what it is now
And so when I saw the TV one Christmas
I had the amazed look and feeling of "wow"
As a games console seemingly wooden
Had the power to have cartridges inserted
And from being a sceptic to how it would play
Actually meant I was very converrted
From the three planes versus one on Combat
To the bendy bullets in Space Invaders
The frenetic action of Missile Command
And Pac Man's pill gobbling capers
It was a thrill a minute on the TV screen
That proved to be addictive and fun, you see
And that console that spawned so many others?
The classic 2600 from no less than Atari.

(I recently got my brother a woodgrain effect Atari 2600 for his Christmas present, he was most pleased indeed to have some classic gaming action to play. The fond memories I have of clocking Pac Man for example..)


Being a teenager almost twenty five years ago
A song came along that was great fun
One that had you bounding around the dancefloor
Of the local indie club, and almost number one
EMF burst on to the music scene with their song
Unbelievable was its name
And everyone wanted to sing the chorus
Full blast as the dance floor filled again
Even now people my age regard it as a classic
Which is why we didn't appreciate
The likes of Rizzle Kicks ripping it off
In a song of theirs which was a state
It lost all the feeling of the original
And wanted to skip to the good bit
Well to be honest the good bit is the proper song
And the version they did was a pile of..

(The days of when everyone in the indie clubs of Manchester would bound around, pretend to slam keyboards and en masse sing "Unbelievable" - so hearing it used in such a poor modern day song really did rankle with me to say the least. Unbelievable!)


The kitten does what he wants
There's fabric furniture to scratch
The curtains to cling on to
And the surfaces to climb around
It's a relatively easy life
He sleeps and cat naps in the afternoon
And at night he becomes alive and wake
Scratching at the door of his mistress
Who wants to try and get some sleep
But he wants to get comfortable on the bed
And demands the cosiness of the duvet
And so he won't stop till he gets the attention
No matter how naughty he becomes
And so once he gets in there
It's a restful sleep once again
Before the day comes for more fun
Playing with the ball and baubles
Adorning the Christmas tree
And creating the usual chaos in the house
Demanding play from all visitors.

(Ah yes, sometimes a kitten is hard work. And certain ones more hard work than others as in the one mentioned here owned by someone I know..)


I walk around the city
Feeling so anonymous
And it actually sometimes feels good
Just not to be noticed
So that I feel invisible
To the world around me
Without a care in the world
As everyone goes about
Their own business
Which doesn't include mine
Somehow it just feels right
Having this cloak on the outside
So that I can just walk around
And be me inside
But not feel as if
Anyone needs to notice me
I just get on with what I do
And not a care in the world
As I make my way onwards
To the next part of the journey.

(I think at times that it's nice feeling more anonymous if you're heading into a city centre by yourself, somehow it just works better that way, and that feeling of being almost invisible can be sometimes quite good.)


The nose and head seem bunged
And full of stuff that won't come out
The head aches because of it
I keep sneezing every so often
But not what I want to sneeze out
It just feels like I'm so worn down
With all the feelings of being poorly
And yet at the same time
Everything else about me feels fine
So please can I just find one thing
Which will help me shift this cold
And make me feel my self again?

(Darn these pesky Winter cold bugs...)