Poetry - January 2013

Boxing Day Bargain Hunter

Queuing outside the shopping centre
And it's only just turned 2am
There must be some method in the madness
As the Boxing Day sales start again
Each year the stores seem to open earlier
Inviting everyone through their door
Although it's stock they can't sell off
Normally, everyone just seems to ignore
And think they're getting a bargain
Where it's worth pushing at eight
And lining an empty plastic bag full of goodies
You like a bargain and you just can't wait
Next is overloaded with everyone
As far as the eye can see
And it's the same story in other big name stores
As the people whip themselves into a frenzy.

(I heard so many reports last Boxing Day of people queuing outside shopping centres overnight waiting for the doors to open. Why? Have people really got nothing better to do?)

The Emptiness of Back To Work

It feels so ghostly and quiet
As you leave the house for work
Everywhere just feels dark outside
And it doesn't feel so warm either
The loneliness is clear to see
As you lock up and walk to the stop
To take the bus into the city
As you wait at the bus stop
There seems to be no one around
It's almost as if time has frozen solid
The familiar faces you see aren't there
Maybe they've taken a longer break?
You know that getting up was hard
And it'll get easier each day
But still not the most ideal situation
As you board the bus with other ghosts
Heading to the emptiness of your office
Where all you can feel is silence
As the New Year brings another dawn
On your everyday office life.

(It felt somewhat surreal heading back to work with literally not a soul around - either everyone's off work on holiday or with the norovirus it seems.)

Oh No, It's Noro

The stomach feels sharp pains
I'm trying to resist going upstairs
But the call of the toilet is coming
As I need to get right up there
And empty all my guts out
In a sickening display of vomit
I don't want to look at what's there
I really don't want to see it
I just feel so upset inside
As the stomach keeps wanting to churn
But the virus inside me says no
And gives me more heartburn
Gradually I wear it all off
And the sickness goes away
But that norovirus is a nasty piece of work
Inside me it must not stay!

(If you've ever had it recently, you know it's not very nice whatsoever..)

The Gym Tests

It's the event in Superstars that most want to win
But for some it brings utter fear and dread
Where it's not just the body that takes punishment
But the mental games in your head
As you try to work out the right pace to go
As your arm dips down on the parallel bar
If you survive that then there's the squat thrusts
Where the legs have got to come so far
There's batons down now so no sliding is allowed
Which is a shame as I really wanted to see
Soemone challenging Brian Jacks' record
And going for it so fast with their method of slidey
Nonetheless it's the ultimate event to win
During any episode of the brilliant Superstars
If you win this, you have a badge of honour
And usually in the whole competition you go far.

(I've tried squat thrusts at home and used to be able to do around 50 a minute and thought I was decent.. well that is till you see people almost doing 90 all the time!)

Midnight Haiku

End of the countdown
Happy New Year Everyone
Auld Lang Syne is sung.

(Well that's how it normally seems to go for everyone anyway...)