Poetry - January 2012

6am And Ready To Book

Another sale has come for Travelodge
Where rooms will be inexpensive
So for anyone looking for a trip out
That won't break the bank, so be attentive
Cos on Thursday it's time to set
The alarm clock for a few minutes to six
Making sure your PC is at the ready
And booking the cheap rooms for kicks
You browse the website quickly
To ensure that it doesn't go down
With all the other people wanting to book
Or else you'd pretty much be wearing a frown
You've found the room you want
And the location is pretty good too
You just want to see if you can get it
For one night or even possibly two
And a few minutes later you're all done
And the booking has taken place
Now to work out what to do when you're there
But you know that your skills were ace
In getting that room booked before anyone
Getting the best deal that you can
Your other half will be really pleased
That a break away isn't to a caravan.

(I've done a few 6am stints booking cheap Travelodge rooms in my time - and believe me, it's well worth it!)

The Retail Disappearance Of PC Gaming

It seems everyone's gone to consoles now
Well that's what you would believe
If you walked into any games retailer
Seeing their displays with no mention of PC
Not everyone downloads all the games they play
Some still like to buy the physical game on DVD
And yet you'd be hard pushed to do that
When all you can see is Xbox 360 and PS3
Yet there's many people who know
That gaming on PC can be a great experience
One to easily match its console counterparts
With whizzy graphics and near appearance
And yet, out there, in the High Street
This fact seems to be criminally ignored
So no wonder when you have the average PC owner
They can't find games and then get bored.

(Apart from PC World, every other games retailer seems to think that PC games don't exist on their radar these days, a sorry state of affairs to be honest. FIFA 12 on the PC pans all its console counterparts by some way let me tell you.)

Dark Rainy Night

Night falls on this murky rainy day
You can't see that far ahead of you
The mist from outside sweeps in
And there's not much you can do
The rain thrashes down in total darkness
As only the cat's eyes are your guide
Trying to not go too quickly
And seeing too far ahead with your eyes
As the darkness falls, the rain lashes down
And you feel so enclosed in your car
You just want to get home and be safe
And not have to drive so far.

(The last few days have been rainy and horrid - and pretty bad to drive in, I suspect. I remember once coming home from Birmingham with a friend after we'd been to a record fair, and he stopped at the services to let the rain ease off, as it was that bad it made driving awful. It did ease, so it was the right thing to do.)

Show of Strength

It's off to North Carolina we go
For the finals of the annual competition
Where strength and endurance are the key
As well as car dead lift repetition
The atlas stones always make an appearance
And they get more heavier to lift
As you get to the fifth one and drag it up
Knowing you've got to really shift
As the time set before you is quite hard to beat
And as the other events pan out
One bad event and that's you not winning
As the strength on show is serious clout
Throwing the kegs over the high bar
Almost as if they're just bags of sugar
Instead of lead weights of half a person
That most people would lift and go "bugger!"
As their back breaks under the strain
But you just keep on going in the event
Showing that you want to be the champion
In this ultimate show of strength.

(It seems every year at this time you get World's Strongest Man on the telly - back in my day, that used to be Superstars (if anyone remembers that!) - how times change.)

2012 Haiku

The clock strikes midnight
Happy New Year, we all say
Let's hope we have one.

(Everyone says Happy New Year, but let's seriously hope lots of people have a better year than last.)