Poetry - January 2011

New Year Resolutions

I wanted to give up chocolate one year
But didn't think that would be a goer
Until I overdid it one April day
And therefore gave up in Easter
I thought about going vegetarian
But I too much like the taste of meat
I love Quorn and Cauldron stuff no problem
But a steak just tastes far too sweet
I thought about maybe running a marathon
But that might be a run too far
I'm not as fit as I might have been
And I don't want to be last delaying cars
Therefore this year I make no resolution
Apart from trying to be the person I am
And if that means that I get along just fine
Then I'll definitely be what I am.

(Must admit I don't make any New Year resolutions now, too easy to break!)

Five Hours

I cheered on my beloved Man City
As they were to play Aston Villa
It was an exciting game for those in Blue
As we won in a four goal thriller
Even if all four goals were ours
I didn't care one little bit
If Villa were hungry to win here
They weren't chomping whatsoever at the bit
The scoreboard showed what we wanted to see
City at the top of the table
And even though Man U were playing later
And taking top they were so capable
It at least brought a smile to my face
As we ended the football calendar year
With lots of wins under Roberto Mancini
And a little top of the league festive cheer.

(We were only top of the league for five hours, but that was fine by me!)

Water Mess

As the snow drifts away and the thaw comes
Pipes burst everywhere you can see
And for some it was an expensive call out
But for others there was certainly no glee
As the water gushed from the pipes
But not to their own home supplies
It was a case of walking for bottled water
Through the melting snow and ice
It didn't seem right such a crisis
But it showed destructive weather
That a lot of Northern Irish were without water
And the authorities weren't together.

(It's a really bad state in Northern Ireland for some without water right now, let's hope it gets resolved.)


When I look at you
And you look at me
I just feel one thing
And that is happy
I can see your gaze
Into my blue eyes
A gaze of love
And it feels right
When you smile at me
It makes me feel
That all our love
Is really all real
And your smile says
That you love me
And I love you
Madly and truly.

(Isn't a smile the nicest thing?)

New YearHaiku

It's Happy New Year
As we all sing Auld Lang Syne
And enter the year.

(True isn't it? Almost tradition now.)